Teenagers Scare the Living $^17 Out of Me

kingofsnake on July 26, 2007

It's true.

They're all “look at me we're this generation's Smashing Pumpkins.”

We'll they're not, because the Smashing Pumpkins were actually good, not to mention original. It's like that whole three year stretch when everyone was like “Oh Limp Bizkut totally doesn't suck.” And I was there saying “What are you high? They totally suck! Just listen to that crap.” And they were like “No way, they're totally good, they're going to be around forever.” Well who's laughing now? Thats right, this guy.

And you're going to be all like "oooh noooo, I never liked Limp Bizcut.“ but we both know you went and bought that friggen ”hotdog flavored water" monstrosity the tuesday it came out you dirty liars.

Thats what My Chemical Romance is. They're the Limp Bizcut version of Smashing Pumpkins. I swear Billy Corgan is spinning in his grave.