Flirting at bars

Jonko on Dec. 27, 2011

First update in nearly a year!!!!
Wow I'm such a slacker. My first time back since DD's new look too, kind of weirding me out.
However, as you can tell, my life is still the same. Still staring at beautiful boys in bars, it's like “Jonko, isn't it time to change up your life!?” My answer is, no it's so much fun, MWAHAHAHAHA.
Although I do think that narcissits that stare at mirrors probably aren't the type of people you wanna be hanging out with.
But anyhoo, I've had a recent urge to draw, so hopefully y'all will see me around again time after time? Need to let out all this pent up energy somehow you know!? YOU KNOW!? I hope all of you are doing well, and you don't hate me too much for disappearing so much.
It's great to be back again!