Beauty marks

Jonko on Jan. 24, 2012

Ahhhh haven't updated again in a while, so sorry everyone! I've been soooo busy with work it's been ridiculous. Getting out pretty late everyday, partying to take away the stress in the free time.
Not even much time to watch anime, only one I've checked out lately was Tiger & Bunny, so I'm looking for suggestions now!
Also been taking on new skills like snowboarding! Went twice this year and majorly hurt my neck the last time. I literally rolled down the hill the other day and was disappointed I didn't turn into a snowball like in the cartoons, lol!
My new goal is to get my Japanese driver's license. My mom might let me use her old car, so it would be awesome if I could drive to the mountains and board!
Hopefully new comics will come from all my new adventures. For now, thank you everyone for reading even when I'm so MIA. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!