Playing with Silver Origami

Jonko on March 1, 2012

My best friends Haru and Nao.
Got called out because I've been best friends with Nao since I was 8 but have never put her in a web comic. SUPER FAIL!!!!!
So here it is. She actually yelled at me because after 16 years of friendship this is the moment I said “oh my god you are so amazing, how did you think of that in 30 seconds, you have so much talent!!!!” All she could say was “you've known me for this long and this is my shining moment!?”
Seriously love these girls so much. Afterwords we all went to an empty bar with our grills and danced like a bunch of monkeys for about 2 hours. They are seriously the only ones I can look like a complete idiot in front of and not feel embarassed about.
Hopefully there will be a lot more silly dancing in empty bars with them, even when we're 50 and totally shouldn't be doing it any more. Love you guys!!!! And love all of you who checked out my page, thanks for all the support :)