Page 2: Crossover Melee - The Dogs of War

shastab24 on Jan. 3, 2013

I think Fractal may be right.  After all, I brought in the communicators for a reason.  And I don't think it's portrayed right, but they're all going through the same door.  Astral and Sparkle are from WC Hercules-1, otherwise known as the HUniverse, home of Heroes Unite and Heroes Alliance.  The Swimmer and the Runner are from SU Earth-1, the primary universe for's original superheroes.  Eiderdown is from KC Earth-7 and Fractal os from KC Earth-27, neither of which feature in any other comics (yet, at least).  Action may spread a bit into the forums for some comics (in role-playing threads), and the prime candidates for that are the HUniverse and the universe.
But tomorrow the crossover should actually start feeling more like the crossover.  I do plan on throwing one character into it in a major way.