Chapter 7, Page 15

Geejay on Sept. 11, 2006

Delayed again, I know! I have a different excuse this time and it's not because I'm getting tired of drawing comics. So, no need to fear… yet. Apart from working on another short comic (around 10 pages) that I need to finish before October, the delays were caused by me caring so much about the final result of the page. Panel 1, it took me a while to work out how to show that they are in the mouth of a cave being blocked by a waterfall. Panel 2, I tried different poses of Lili jumping for it but I ended up with the one you see here. In the end, I just said to myself, “screw it!” I just drew those two panels to the best of my ability last weekend even though I wasn't completely satisfied with them. I figured I could doctor it up a bit when the time comes to add in the shading bits in Painter. Meanwhile, in Panel 3, research on how the waterfall exterior should look like and figuring out how to render the waterfall also slowed me down. And like in the first two panels, I decided to just go and draw it and be done with it.

I hope you guys still like it.