003: Ass cheek Perspiration + Cold Weather = Fart Joke Evaporation

ElTipejoLoco on Dec. 11, 2007

Graaaah I'm late. Bleh. Bleeeeh, I say. I'll make up for it with making another comic right quick. Have most of Thursday free, anyway. Bwah.

I'm nervous about finals, darnit. Oh well. Que sera sera.

So hey. Can you tell how many cheap tricks I used here, for the sake of time? There's several! And I feel guilty about each of ‘em.

Also of note, Mars and Joey are introduced. And Spoof pulls a Kakashi-stink mask! More inside-jokes for the whole family. Also, Joey is taller than Spoof. Mars looks slightly taller than me, but since I’m not absolutely sure about it, let's just say it's a perspective-ish thing (good thing no one can see what anyone's standing on! How clever of me).