The Trainee

PaulEberhardt on Sept. 18, 2012

I'm most sorry for having been silent for the last few days. I didn't have access to a reliable enough internet connection up until just about now. I guess there's a lot of comics for me to catch up with.
One of them is definitely this year's Drunk Duck Awards. I already had a quick look there and saw there are lots and lots of truly gorgeous presentations to enjoy. Also, there is the one I did: ;) Thanks for everyone who read and enjoyed it so far. It was a pleasant surprise to get so much positive feedback.
And now for Master the Tiger. I thought I could try a longer, more consistent story again, in other words we will see more of Gundula at work without seeing less of Tiger.
A mandatory “practical” is very common in Germany, and I think so it is in the English speaking countries as a rule, although there seems to be no fixed word for it. However, if I remember correctly, it is also called “internship” in America and “job experience” in Britain. (But “practical” is the word my lecturer from London used.) Since I can't be completely sure I'd appreciate any comments by native speakers on this.
At any rate, there are now a few very good reasons to stay tuned: Will Gundula accept her? If not, how will she dissuade her? And, perhaps most importantly, will Tiger get his cream cheese treat?
Have a nice week, and thanks for reading and commenting!