A Little Reminder

PaulEberhardt on Dec. 5, 2012

If Sophie values her laptop she'd better feed him ASAP ;)
Just a one panel gag this week, because university keeps me rather busy at the moment. I expect everything to be back to normal fomr Saturday evening on, though, so it's nothing to worry about. The upshot is I could actually update on time for a change. It's just my luck that just when my computer is working reasonably well again my browser quit its service. Well, sod you, Google Chrome! It takes more than that to thwart my ambitions. >:)
Sophie's dressing style, by the way, is courtesy of a number of girls I keep seeing at the university. Obviously the 70s aren't over any more. :) I can't say I didn't like that - I love drawing that sort of thing.
Thanks for reading and commenting, and have a nice St Nicholas' Day tomorrow.