Hypocritical Heron Hater

PaulEberhardt on April 27, 2013

Incidental notice: Since my updates seem to have a strong tendency of getting finished on Saturdays, no matter what I do, I thought I might as well make it official. *resigned grump* I just hope I don't start updating on Wednesdays now. 8(
Gundula's right again. Humans are a bit funny in this certain way: cheat the tax office out of € 100.- and you won't see the end of it, cheat them out of € 1,000,000.- and you'll get job offers as a top manager by the dozen. Punch someone in a barroom brawl and you'll pay a handsome fine, beat the crap out of someone in a boxing ring and you get a handsome salary. It seems to be basically the same with catching birds. The moral of it is what? Whenever you feel like committing a transgression, do it large scale!
To think there's people out there who think webcomics like this one had little to offer in terms of pedagogical value! Guess I showed them now! ;)
Have a nice weekend and thanks for reading and commenting!