Holiday Option - Christmas 2008

Dan on Dec. 24, 2008

Christmas picture 2008.

“Come on, try it. I dare you.”
Astounding, considering how I managed to whip this up in two days, and go as far as inking it. Happy Holidays, and here's my Christmas picture for 2007, showing Danta Claus beheading the naughty, now beheading anyone he sees because there's not a single person who has not committed any naughtiness. But on the lighter note, here's a musical lyric to go with it:
You better watch out
You better watch out
Danta is fuckin comin to town…
And he's gonna find out who's naughty and nice…
Who's naughty… and nice…

Also, I've made yet another concept for the story, this time showing the former fortified wall of Lafilla, with Rangard not too far away on the other side. Built shortly before the Artificial War (2021 - late-2027, 8 years prior to the beginning), all that remains are several segments of walls and forts under decay and their reminder of the two country's yet another part of bloody feud.

"Time…? Is it that time already? It only appears it has just arrived. You have done a great deal in such a short timespan… that I've got some interesting offers for your services. Instead of giving you the illusion of free choice, I shall choose it for you… In any case, this- is where I get off."