0000362: nothing suspiscious at all here

NPC_Girl on May 24, 2011

Surprise everybody~ update! I discovered who sent me that fan art since my last post, it was Zabbe1 from deviant art. Go visit their page and give them lots of love. I hope they feel just as special for being the only person I hinted at for bringing an update today :B.
Yes an update! I have decided from now on I will be updating NPC every Wednesday, and maybe more days if I can be bothered. but strictly every Wednesday. If you guys read my last post then you'll know I've started up a new web comic and here it is! Read it, follow it, support it, the more support I get the higher my grade will be at the end of the year! maybe. xD It updates every Monday and Friday. So remember that folks. Tales from an Empire on Monday and Friday and NPC on Wednesday! I will also be doing some writing work for an online gaming magazine called Beefjack as well, I need to finish editing an article for them. They're not paying me… boohoo~ but oh well.
Speaking of money, it's that time of year again when I have none. Mainly because my student loan never covered the last four months of my course to begin with. So I have barely enough money to live off of. In fact I'm not sure that I even have that… which is a shame because I need new jeans, I have one pair of wearable jeans. the rest are so old they have holes or are too small. But on the bright side, because I have no money to buy food I should hopefully lose weight and be able to fit in them again. woooo. But if people are feeling charitable and have some spare money for a penniless student then please do donate. Because I will tell you guys now, Iceland (the shop) food is shit. But it's dirt cheap. And pretty much the only thing I can afford to buy right now. and I don't know, if enough people are nice enough I can finally buy new jeans. wooo~ but I doubt it because power bills is coming up. :T
Also I need to harass my brother to put up my NPC domain name up onto our hoster thing with the same set up as TfaE, because I don't know about anyone else, but drunk duck adverts really piss me off. And seeing he doesn't answer his text's I'll just trust my dad to read this and make my brother do it. :B kekekeke~
So till next week!