Narou Chapter 1 Page 2: Remembrance Rose

kaminari on March 17, 2006

In Issue 1, we are introduced to Narou, the main character, and get an inner monologue from him as if he had written his thoughts down. This is a one-time only design. The panels from now on will be 300x300.
We find out in this issue that Narou's going to a village for unknown reasons during a festival celebrating death. It could be because of the great legend, but we do not know. He mentions that many are cautious of him and his mystery. What mystery brings him to Gardhef? Who's crappily-colored reflection do we see in the fountain?

This is the second page of issue 1. Im trying to post them broken up and slowly because momentarily Im unable to work on the comic but there are currently 4 completed comics consisting of 12 panels each. In doing 6 panles at a time for now and will have an introduction to the history world Narou lives in.
I know my artwork is a little lame, but this was done about a year ago and I swear Ive improved, lol.
Hope you like it !!