Ch4 Pg46

Cheeko on June 5, 2008

Yes! Second met update in a row! HA! Gosh, everything is so much easier with Kelly doing the coloring! Oh, did I mention that she does all of her coloring with a mouse?! I am not kidding.
One really, really nice thing about this whole arrangement is, not only do I get Kelly's awesome colors gracing my lineart, but it gives me more time to put more effort and details into the pages. Now, I'm trying not to make it TOO detailed for Kelly's sake, but this week I actually managed to get some shading into that last panel. …not that you can see it much. To be honest, it's been painful to add the dialogue to each page because it covers up the great job Kelly has done on some of the details… I might actually start a new gallery in the Extras section dedicated just to pages without dialogue, so that you can see what I see when I'm done with them.
Or rather, when Kelly's done with them.
Some of you may have noticed that I still haven't gotten around to that Links page yet. Sorry. But I have gotten banners from nearly every site I'm going to link. I just need to spend about two hours to fill out every category I've created, as well as add a few link buttons for 1Q itself. …Can't forget that.

Gosh, nothing really new happened this week. I got hit on by an 18 year old (who's been dubbed “Hairy Perry” by my sister) last Saturday while I was walking around the neighborhood yard sale looking for a desk chair (for that awesome desk I mentioned last week). I ended up giving him my number (but only because he gave me an “I Am Legend” poster for free, which I'm giving to a friend of mine). I was hoping he'd give me a call and invite me somewhere, thus giving my social life around here a little boost, but so far it hasn't happened. I guess he was scared because I'm… gosh, well I'm 20, and that's old.
Oh! And hopefully I'll be getting a call from a nearby movie theater with a job offer. I applied the other day.

Be sure to drop Kelly a note telling her what a great job she's doing! I couldn't be doing this without her! Also, be sure to wish her luck on her job interview. I hope she nails it!
…But of course she will. What am I saying?

Cheeko out.