Recap Attack

Strain42 on March 28, 2013

To give Persona 4 Arena some credit here, I like how in this scene they DO manage to discuss the case in Persona 4, and they even do manage to mention Adachi (not by name, they do just refer to him as the lead detective's partner) but they don't actually give away the fact that he was the killer…but of course I did because…I can. I assume anyone reading these has already played Persona 4 or at least didn't start reading this series at Add-On.
To point out something I DO find peculiar though, in Arena, Kurosawa comments on how strange it is to see Aigis in her robot gear for the first time. But didn't he see her in The Answer when she was covered in all that extra gear? Then again, the mall they visit in The Answer is through a magical door in their living room soooo…maybe that wasn't the real Kurosawa? I can't tell.