Part 7 page 14

ozoneocean on Jan. 11, 2008

Page description:
Rasovich decides to take the ship full speed ahead through the wide straits and the blockading fleet. The massive ship lurches forward in response to the increased speed of the propellers, and Pinky loses her grip on the ladder. But as she swings around, Ace neatly catches her and lowers her to the deck,

SO VERY SORRY about the long delay. I haven't updated for an entire month. I just lost all drive to do this page. I love how it looks at the end, but when doing it I just hated every second. Yeah, it's strange, I LOVE the finished product, but it shouldn't have taken that long to complete. I suck. I really do.

Check out this magical remix page that Alejkhan made for Pinky TA!.

Using the BCX button. The painted Pinky Falling for Ace ^_^
And vote using the Top Web comics button. There you see my plain old linework. The lines were easier than the colour this time.