Part 7 page 16

ozoneocean on April 8, 2008

Page description:
The Buccaneer Slams into the side of the steamer and obliterates it, steaming off and leaving the survivors to their own fate. Then Ace an Pinks have a little chat- what's happened has galvanised her to side with him, even though she still doesn't trust him.

Three weeks late on this one, that's one week better than before. Still pretty bad though I admit. I'll also admit that I rushed this one in the colour stage. You can see that in the figures. They have a touch of cell shading! I found I actually liked that effect.

Using the BCX button, to see all those lovely ships and sea without the ugly speech bubbles.
And vote using the Top Web comics button to spot the big mistake in the page that was fixed by the time I did the colour version.

BTW, that's for all the great comments. I always appreciate them :D