Part 7 page 47

ozoneocean on May 9, 2012

Page description:
Pinky isn't sure of where Ace is, but she knows she has to act fast… so she does. She forms a quick plan of attack and then enacts it precisely.
But you should know that plans almost never work out in these sorts of stories. ;)
What to say? This took fricken ages? As usual.
Yeah, there's that.
These machines are just as hard as ever to draw, they never get any easier. The shapes are awkward, the rivets are a pain and the camouflage is over the top.
The camo is basically me showing off that I can draw something so complex in a comic, which is absolutely and completely undermined by the fact that I take so long to make a page because anybody can do complex camo patterns if they have two months to do it in!
Enough emo crap.
I've done 3 glorious pages for the DD radio play!
And these only took me about 4 days work all up, which is unusual.
One day for the pencils and one day for each pages colouring and lettering:
Please check out the DD play comic, there are a lot of great artist styles there!