Do I Get Frequent Flyer Miles?

Vaprrenon on June 4, 2010

This page was actually done before the last one but I forgot about it…oops. The reason it's only being posted now, though, is because I've been still searching for a job and it's been draining enough that I just haven't felt like I have the energy to work on any of my projects, including this comic sadly enough. So…yeah, I can't even estimate when the next update might be. Hopefully I've hit rock bottom finally (it sure feels like I'm close to it!) things can start getting better. Hopefully.

Anywho, enough ranting. Yeah, I've never understood the term “wings” for those stupid sticky flaps they put on some pads…it's kind of disturbing to call them that in my mind. Some women like ‘em, I think they’re just annoying. Whatevarz. I tried a new way of coloring on this page but…I don't like it. Still, could be worse, and I learned a bit.