02. - Final Fantasy VII

YamiKyuuketsuki on Aug. 30, 2008

Hi There~!
I made a page about Final Fantasy 7!! =D
I really like that game.. I probably made more then 75 hours in the game.. haha.. but again..
I heard once people braggin about.. ‘'I can kill Sephiroth in real life’' and stuff like that.. ehh… you shouldn't talk like that.. if he was real HE WAS LIKE GOD~! XD yeah.. so anyway I made this so you could see.. what could turn out if you battle Sephiroth and think you're Cloud.. x3 This took pretty long to make.. and as you can see it's longer then page 01. Man.. again I like Final Fantasy 7 but the movie dissapointed me.. I didn't wait for a movie but for a sequal game.. like they did make for Final Fantasy X-2.. why not Final Fantasy VII-2 ??? >__>
Okay.. I need to think about what will happen in page 3 so.. take care~