Rules For Criminal Success #67

RentAThug on Feb. 23, 2008

Mr. Nixon makes his first appearance here, I think. I'm quite happy with how this page turned, overall. Also, the numbers on the bus stop sign are some of the buses that show up at the main transit hub where I catch the bus home from university. Because everybody likes self-referential jokes that aren't actually, y'know, funny.

Also, the 100th page is coming up in the next few weeks (March 19th, to be specific) over at Rent-A-Thug To celebrate I'm going to be posting a gallery of guest art that I've received. Anybody who wants to is encouraged to send some guest art to along with your name as you want it credited in the picture description and, if you want, your site which will be linked to. I've already got some great stuff but more is always merrier.

Thanks for reading, see you next week!