sifueagle on July 25, 2009

Welcome to Cloud Eagle: Ruffled Feathers. The purpose of comic site is to constantly have something updated every few days for the followers to enjoy. Most importantly, it will get me to sketch and keep getting something public.

Consider this the readers' comic as well. I'd like to not do established heroes such as Batman & Spidey but if there are requests, leave them in the comments. Do you want you're creation drawn? I'll primarily be drawing the Cloud Eagle cast. If there are poses or ideas you have in mind, throw them my way as well. I'll be having 4-5 sketches each week.

The premiere sketch is of my mascot character, Hallelujah. With the low worn cap, she gets to show off some attitude. I've been enjoying doing black and white drawings with gold/yellow highlights as they're the Cloud Eagle colors. In a sketch something as simple as a circle for the background can help push the main drawing out. I tend to sketch in ball point pens. You can see the several of the rough lines I used in the creation process.

The statement, “I am Cloud Eagle” is going to be a recurring statement in immediate upcoming stories. The term Cloud Eagle is going to come to mean taking a stance and defying the oppressors.

~Sifu Eagle