Azaeziel on July 18, 2007

(first notes by waxengoddess)
This is a great colaberation between myself and Azaeziel. He's makeing me write first cause he dosnt know what to say ;P
This is reality and fantasy combined. It's also known as nerd poker to our friend. Great charecters based on life and then some…..

(Second notes by Azaeziel)
Gosh. A second comic. What am I doing? Hmm… I hope you all love this wonderful coloring job. Waxengoddess spent like, what, 2 days agonizing over the exact colors and shades and, OMG< that background! How sweet is that? So, as the Comic Stats say, this comic is co-authored by both myself and waxengoddess. It is semi-autobiographical in nature as it is based (loosely) on our bi-weekly sessions of “nerd poker” (Read: Dungeons and Dragons for Dummies). We find the games absolutely hillarious and hope that we are able to get that humor to come across in comic format. To those of you who find yourselves lampooned by our comic, please don't be offended (or kill our characters), this is just some harmless fun and we hope you find it as funny as we do. Even if you don't play D&D, you should still be able to understand, and if you do play, feel free to regale us with your own anecdotes (as long as they fit entirely in the comments section down below).

Thank you for reading, and please feel free to comment and let us know what we are doing right, and what we are doing wrong, so we can make a better comic for all to enjoy!

PS: Go read our other comics too! heheh…