Tinmur Vargas, the Knight of Stars

Azaeziel on Oct. 27, 2011

So, yet another member of our merry little band of ever changing misfits.  (She frequently interchanges places with Vil'Relyt, the half dragon.) 
This is Tinmur Vargas, the Knight of Stars.  She was an elf once, but then she died.  Her pure dedication to her ideas prompted the Queen of Stars to turn her into an angel and allow her to return to the world as the Knight of Stars.  So now she continues making mischief for the good of all, in her own unique way.
This image was prompted by her aquisition of her “Bone Corset” that she now wears, and a general discussion of what it looked like on an angel of all beings.  When asked what else Tinmur wears the reply was:
“Well, she has boots.  Uhhh, and gloves…  and a  scarf…  Yeah.”
So, that's what she wears.
Again, done entirely on tablet, so I think I'm getting the hang of this beastie.  Hope you like.