I almost swear the green stuff's not toxic

Demeter on July 4, 2007

Happy fourth of july, everyone! …is there an everyone yet, or am I just assuming?

Meet Cherry. You won't hear her name spoken for a while, for a reason…I draw awful houses. But, yeah. main character, right there. and background cow, the cow in the background. If you're wondering, the house and road are on the opposite side of a hill from a small town….let's see… what else…oh, yeah…

don't ask how she doesn't notice the odd green-thing. I suspect part of her was entirely aware of it, and steering the rest of her away from noticing it before it breaks her brain…. join in monday to see the other person talking on this page. seriously, he's cool. I'll begin making a cast page sometime soon…whenever I find the time.

(I was going to do another letter, and then I realized how boring the first one was. so I decided “why not jump in”?)