I Like chicken..

Dumpling on Nov. 16, 2006

Ok This is my comic, its gay so if dont like that go rot in hell lol^^ aw I'm sweet! Anyways…This comic has no plot lol just go with it, and its already 3 years old to me, so I know whats going to happen lol

OK the first page is like really crappy lol so I'm going to help you read it, the rest of the pages wont be this bad so dont worry!

In the 3rd frame: “Scott, get your ass off the phone we're leaving”
4th frame: “there are my sisters, bobbie and leslei, leslei takes care of us because we dont have parents. Bobbie is 18 and Leslei 20. Both completly insane.”
5th frame: “Hurry up I cant be late again” “hry you dont need to pick me up after school, going home with Jasper.” “Sleeping over again?”
6th frame: “Bobbie takes me to school everyday but I hardly come home on the weekends. I stay at Jaspers house, hes my boyfriend..mm”

Ok thats all sorry about that lol it will be better later! and all the cast and junk stuff will be up laterish lol Email me at Elsewhere0013@hotmail.com