Sonic the Hedgehog - The Darkest Hour (Title Page)

SnowTheHedgehog on Jan. 8, 2012

First, happy new year to all of you out there on Drunk Duck and thanks for visiting my comic!

So that's the first page of my first own comic, the first comic I've ever drawn… I know the title page's nothing hand drawn, but my imagination of a title page overtops my skills with the pencil and I'm a total loser with Photoshop and such programs. But I promise the next pages will be hand drawn with very few to none exceptions.

Due to the fact it took me almost 2 years to get my ass up and finally get this rolling, don't be too surprised if it takes time ‘til I come up with new pages, and DON’T troll around and tell the comic died! I'll tell ya if it died or not. I'll try my best to put up new pages every week, but it could take longer as well.

After this page there will come two more prologue pages which I'll put up in loose time frame, most likely both until next sunday. So I hope you'll enjoy this story!