Chocobo Knight

mooglessaykupo on Sept. 26, 2008

His name is Kweah wich means “strange one” in chocobo. As a baby he was left behind while his parents of nobility left their “chocobo hunt”. He of corse was found by the chocobo eildion spirit which saw the great amount of light in the baby's heart and blessed him with a birth mark shaped like one of it's feathers allowing the baby to summon or use the eildion's power in great times of need. The child was then left with a Gold chocobo afther and a normal chocobo mother. He grew up with only one sibling named kwah which means “Successor” in chocobo. As the child grew his connection with the chocobo eildion spirit grew as well. After 10 yaers living like a chocobo he was found by a group of dragoons who were hunting the eildion Bahamut. They took hin forcefuly from his chocobo parents. For five years they taught him how to be a dragoon. Finally at the age of 17 he was initaited into the dragoon aliance which he broke away from. His second foster father gave Kweah his own armour because he has to old to be a dragoon. Before Kweah left he was able to harnessed the power of the eildion and tranformed his armour into his own invention “Chocobo mail, Chocobo gloves, and the Chocobo helm”. He traveled to the mountain his original foster parents had been killed by his birth parents. His brother Kwah had taken over the chocobo clan. Kwah wanted revenge as did Kweah so now they travel together in search of Kweahs real parents along with a few others who have agreed to help him because of his abilities. His battle screen commands look like so: Attack: attacks
Jump: Jump attacks
Brother: his brother Kwah joins the battle
Chocobo magic: He uese magic the Eildion spirit blessed him with.

The chocobo magic he knows so far is:

Infuse: infuses the chocobo eildion spirit into his weapon
Summon: Summons chocobo to inflict moderate damage (comparable with the a's magic ie. fira)
Call: Calls a chocobo to heal him with any healing item

thats it kupo