Steel Daimond - Page 15

InYourFace on July 26, 2008

Even I didn't expect to update this quickly - more dialogue before we can get to the fun stuff.

So lately I've been reading Jack of Fables and I absolutely love the Sword in the Chest storyline - especially when Jack starts beating the shit out of an old man's corpse. I have never laughed so hard at something so morally wrong since JTHM. Speaking of Vasquez, WTF is with that Squid Fish comic of his? I take it it's just an excuse to draw giant talking penises. Not pleased - I'm VERY disappointed in you. I had more fun with Happy Noodle Boy. Tonight I have to finish up the rest of my JoF issues then start working on Transmetropolitain trades 3 and 4.

My brain is going to be so fucking trashed by the end of this weekend.