RaggedyMan37 on Feb. 21, 2011

Hm, I tried to upload this in the same size as the previous pages but for some reason, at the moment, it isn't meant to be. Although if this problem persists you can see some more details in the picture (so there's lookin at things from a positive angle!).
Colouring that second panel was a pain in the ass, I hate doing grey shades now.
Another decent page, some things I'm not too happy with, but I can always change things around at a later date. I would definitely deter the detective from making fun of White Cat. Never, EVER a good idea. And also, I know things make little sense as I'm releasing this chapter before the first, but the High Captain is basically a dictator who replaced the American president.

Re-do panel 2 (probably)
Re-do panel 5 (probably)