#12: Bringing down havoc and chaos.

Brinx on April 28, 2010

Hey everyone sorry for not updating for two weeks. Kind of got distracted with Mario Kart wii and unlocking characters with my, Dry Bones in his MagiKruiser. And just last night I pretty much did. But I didn't unlock Mii outfit B because it's not easy beating them ghosts and unlocking expert staff ghosts. But that is neither here nor there. Yis are here for the comic and I've got some stuff to talk to yins about this comic.

First the name for Demo Hybrid. Now this form had a different name but more on that later. I went with Demo cause its short for demon. Though in Hines sight I probably could've gone with Demi which sounds better. Well too late now the name is already in.

Second thing to discuss is the whole spear thing in panel four well I think a chaos spear is only meant to cause damage. No scratches ever appear after words. Any marks in SA2? No not really if I recall correctly. Even in, “Shadow the Hedgehog” I believe there was no blood. But I'll have to check that out later.

Third thing… don't tell me I was the only one that hated Bigs levels in SA. Hell those levels alone made me dislike Big alot. F***in' cat. Also the way he died. It's possible to die from a swift kicking blow from under your chin like that. Look up DragonBall Krilins death or something similar to that on youtube and you'll see.

Fourth most on Knuckles knowing of the Devils gem. The devils gem was in what Hybrid said was an old echidna chamber. Knuckles being an echidna and a guardian of a giant emerald. He has to know these things.

Lastly yes I have scared Cream for life. She was threatened with death, her pet was threatened with death, and now her friend Big just died in front of her. I've scared that kid for life and I'm proud of that.

That's all on the comic and see yins next update. Hopefully it won't take me too long this time.