Chapter 9 Header

KimLuster on July 19, 2014

So… nudity in a teen-rated comic…  I figured the Godstrain is rated PG-13 on a movie scale and you can show nudity if ‘tasteful’ and in a ‘non-sexual’ situation.  Personally I think the US is a little skewed in that kids can watch people getting blown up on Saturday morning cartoons, but God forbid they see a nipple…  Anyway, I felt this page's rip-off of John Roddam Spencer Stanhope's ‘Temptation of Eve’ fell within the allowed boundaries of PG-13 nudity (DD Admin, if I'm wrong, let me know and I'll replace this image).
I won't bother trying to explain how this chapter image metaphorically ties into the story at large, but I do have a thought behind it.  If anyone has their own theory I'd love to hear it - I like being psychoanalyzed :)
Thanks for reading everyone!