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Kristen Gudsnuk on Sept. 13, 2009

WOO! new page!!!

This is going to be a long note.

Why, you ask? BECAUSE, lots of news!!!

First of all, my fanart contest is coming to a close. It ends the 15th, and any of you last-minute-stragglers better get your acts together!! jk, I kid. Anyway, if someone is dying for more time, I'll accept stuff after the due date… I'm like a really chill professor! There is no due date!!

SECONDLY, I've gotten 3 (three) new entries this weekend!!! All by incredibly talented individuals/teams of individuals…

Check out Phillby's wonderfully nerve-wracking dystopian interpretation of Soviet Lithuania!

Then there's Harkovast's wonderful traditional-media drawing of Kazimieras, with an incredible background! READ HARKOVAST!!!!1!

Then, the SURPRISE ENTRY!! It's by Buroo of DeviantArt. I was surprised and amazed!!

Also, Hyena Hell made an entry, but I'm going to wait until she properly scans it before posting it, so we can see it in all its high-quality glory!!

Go here to see all three entries!!WOO!

And, other news. OK, I decided to finally stop waiting and to buy a domain name/ have my own site!! I decided on the name, which is very meaningful, of course… well, it was raining this weekend. I made a cool logo (clickhere to see it!) and have been trying to figure out how to make a nice-looking website… TO NO AVAIL. I suck! I just need some guidance… D: I just never really did all this stuff!!
So if anyone knows about how to make a website that doesn't suck, pq me and help me out… I'll do you some awesome favor, like, erm, like… ? whatever!!!

I'm downloading FireWorks (I vaguely learned how to use it, so there's that advantage) and maybe that can help me make my website. URGH.

OTHER News!! I was thinking, “oh crap! what am I gonna do when The Optimist is finished??” and was unhappy that I had no projects in mind. And then I remembered this idea that I had a few months ago that had really sounded awesome at the time– to make La vida es sueño into an awesome graphic novel! It's a play by Calderon de la Barca, about a guy named Segismundo who is locked in a tower all his life because of a prophecy that he would dethrone his father, King Basilio, and cause lots of problems. Then he chances to meet Rosaura.. and.. aarghh it's too awesome and tragic!!! ANYWAY, it's my fave play. And, I don't like the way that it's translated: “Life's a Dream”. It sounds cheesy and happy! I think I would call my comic L.V.E.S. instead (so as not to scare English readers off with a Spanish title.) Or how about “Life is but a dream”? Like the line from Row, Row, Row your Boat! hah!

OK I've babbled enough. enjoy the page, and I HAD A SUDDEN CHANGE OF HEART ABOUT SOMETHING IMPORTANT IN THIS COMIC OMG you'll find out like, later this week!!

…oh, and, nothing suspicious about this page…