Chapter 3 - pg. 108

Nicotine on June 29, 2011

Whew! Finally got this page done. Had some difficulties with that darn car again, but I hope it looks decent.

I apologize if you have a weak stomach, things are gettin' bloody here. Looks like there's only one survivor left.

As I said before, I'll be going away to China on the 4th of July (Monday), so there won't be any updates until mid-August.

Also, Drunk Duck will be going under a site change starting tomorrow afternoon. Like I said, I'll reassess whether the TRK will stay on “The Duck” when I return from my trip, but even after I get back, I might stay with it for awhile even if I don't like it as I'll need time to resettle myself after my trip.

Either way, I'll always be on the forums, and hopefully I'll be able to read comics here when I'm abroad!

@Tantz - I agree! :D

@Genejoke - I know, I'm scared =_= I cannot, cannot, cannot stand the colors of the new site, urg! D:

@usedbooks - Really, Detective Conan? I didn't know the syndicate members were all tied to certain cars, I noticed they're all named after liquor though xD