Toil and Trouble (Cover)

maritalbliss on May 28, 2007

This is the cover for the new webcomic, Toil and Trouble Toil and Trouble, from the creators of; Marital Bliss??? is a webcomic about a witch named Abby who is making a webcomic.

Why would a little witch who lives in a graveyard with her pet spider, Sam write a webcomic? To build enough fans that she will be able to destroy her foe, Perry Farder and next…World Domination!

Toil and Trouble is by Lynn Allen. Hi, I'm Lynn. I basically created this comic as a hobby and to fill some time when I get writer's block…which is often. But, mostly just as a fun little comic strip…Next stop Pinky???

Please remember, I am a writer not an artist…I know the art is cartoony, that's the point. It is also the best I can do on a weekly basis. The actual comic strip will be a three panel, gag a day with an overflowing story arc. Toil and Trouble will be updated on Friday's. (Barring unforseen circumstances.)

Please leave comments, ‘cause I love ’em.

Also, if you feel so inclined head on over to BuzzComix and Vote for, Toil and Trouble or my other comic strip that I write with my Husband, Ethan; Marital Bliss??? Thanks bunches!