Ch 12 Page 01

dragonsong12 on Jan. 24, 2010

Nothing says “evil villain” better than shiny fashion accessories! He just wants to look pretty.

And my, wasn't that convenient, that they should show up just then? Yeah, sorry, but it moves the story along more quickly rather than having them chase around wasting pages on the search that would ultimately not add anything to the story. Yes, I considered it, it makes for better story telling. But you know me, at a page a week, we need to get this show on the road!
Though I will say it probably pretty safe to assume that some days have passed at this point.

As a little fun extra, I put some TM characters in a silly filler I made for FFC today. It's the closest we'll ever get to crossover, but feel free to check it out. It's kind of fun to think about. XD
Also, I'm adding the button for the book if you'd like to buy it (hooray for the crop tool!) as well as a button to the FFC main site, since Drunk Duck likes to go down for maintenance on Sunday nights…you know…the night I upload my comics…(I'd do it earlier, but often the pages just aren't finished until then). Every time this happens, I post the pages at the FFC site, so if you ever don't see them, they'll probably be there. Of course, adding that button guarantees that it won't be necessary under Murphey's Law, but that's a problem I'm okay with having. XD

Anyway, thanks for reading and thanks for your patience. See you next week!