Chapter 5, Page 03

Sturstein on July 27, 2014

Hey All, Sammi here again!
Yay for update Monday! Here is the
next page of Chapter 5 for you! Hope you are enjoying the change of
narration for this chapter, who knows where it will go (beside from Pete
and I of course hee hee!)
We are settling into a bit more of a
regular schedule these days. We are updating the comic on Monday with a
brand new page. On Wednesdays we update the Top Webcomics incentive with
a sneak peek of the upcoming page to rope some of you into clicking
that button for a glimpse of what to come. Finally Pete is taking over
Fridays and updating the blog with some of his fan-dangled classic
pinups! So for those of you on drunkduck, don't forget to hop over onto our main site to keep checking up on all the fun that is happening over there! There's plenty of Valentine's Dei fun to keep you going between updates!
Love hearing from our readers, so leave us a comment if you're enjoying :)
Cheers, Sammi xx