Chapter 5, Page 15

Sturstein on Oct. 19, 2014

I have to say, I am really enjoying Chapter 5. I am about halfway through the script for Chapter 5 — and I have been trying to make sure I get it nice and right. I think so far, credit especially to Pete’s drawing skills, that this is a banging chapter. In terms of the story, it’s getting pretty interesting right about now, but also I like the way that story is developing and I am happy.
All in all, I think Chapter 5 is a success, even though it deviates a little in its style (with Belle at the helm) than the last couple of chapters. I’ve also taken to writing the script a bit differently, just writing prose to get the atmosphere how I like, and letting Pete interpret my writing and its mood more. It makes me happier to write. Also, being a bit ahead of Pete, I can go back and review my work a little bit more.
I hope you guys are equally enjoying the ride so far :)
Cheers, Sammi