Chapter 2, page. 9

Bii0 on Jan. 12, 2014

Soooooo I wanted to get a page done on time for once out of celebration of a job and being in very high spirits because of it, but then I found out that the thing I went to was just an interview (gawd, why does mom have to be right about never having hope for anything in life). :/ Also I was the only one there without retail or stocking experience, so I feel that my chances of getting the job are rather slim, but wish me luck! Maybe I might get it out of some freak miracle.

Oh man… Julian… you would make the best doctor! Next time I need heart surgery, I'm conjuring you to reality though a demon summoning. And put a shirt on, good God! What do you think you are, a gu- oh, you are. I'm not sure if it's just me, but I've noticed with bl comics and Japanese yaoi, they always make the guys act like girls when their shirts come off. It's like, “Why?”, I can't even tell you how many guys I see walking around in public without shirts. No one gives a shit, why does bl/yaoi give such shits? They shouldn't, but whatever.

I do apologize a bit for the silliness of this page, my high spirits made me feel very silly, also I know there's nothing wrong, but it feels very wrong and weird to draw pretty much any character without poofy hair. With his wet hair his head actually looks… kinda normal. Sooo creepy.
I'm going to be attempting to actually draw non-comic stuff for a few days, so the next update will probably be late as per usual.

Also you guys should totally look at the critique on this comic, it's nice, and the response has some super helpful links about panelling (if you're working on a comic yourself).