Chapter 2, page. 13

Bii0 on March 13, 2014

Ooooh good gawd I'm so sorry! Honestly, I've just been really lazy, been drawing other stuff, playing Minecraft, stuff like that. Actually there are a couple things I've been thinking about doing.
1. About working on a different project along with working on this one. I know I can hardly update this project as it is, but I was thinking of it as something to get away with, then coming back to this one with more interest. Really, “Slice of Life” isn't one of my most favourite genres, and I mainly did this one to make myself practice stuff I didn't want to do.
The other one would be more of a relaxing, fantasy sort of project.
I'm still debating about if I'd host it here and cut out some scenes, or host it somewhere that allows porn, cuuuuz it's kinda porny.
2. Was thinking about those things that people do where they have readers ask their characters questions, it always looked like really interesting character practice, but I don't really think anyone would interested (My characters are pretty meh, and possibly the least attractive things you'll ever see). The idea is more of a quick “Hey, that sounds like fun”.

ANYWAYS! I swear to God, Julian is like an elderly lady with Alzheimer's disease.
Have you ever had one of those dreams that felt so real that when you woke up you didn't know where you were, and you just laid in bed for 10 minutes, looking around half asleep until you realized “Oh, I'm in my room”? I've had a couple of those, still not sure if they're obnoxious or entertaining.
But that's not what's going on with Julian! He's just being old, ignore him, attention will just make his behavior worse.

I will probably be working on different drawing stuff, have been in the mood to, but I will try to get the next page done sooner. I'm kind of excited since I did a basic thing on how long this comic will be and what will be going on in each chapter, I know I should have done that before I even started, but I did start this project just to learn stuff like that. ANYWAYS, I need to brave driving so I can get my teeth cleaned, wish me luck! The DMV should have never given me a drivers license.