Chapter 2, page. 21

Bii0 on June 25, 2014

Whoo! Sorry about that, I'm doing some training days at work.

Matt's family is just all kinds of awkward, poor Julian.
Someday I'll put a dress or something on Matt's mom that isn't completely hideous! SOMEDAY~

By and by, I just wanted to give a heads up, even if no one's interested. I finally got commissions put together, as a starting up thing they're 35% off the first 5 commissions, which include the NSFW slots. Even if you're not interested, it would be helpful if you have a tumblr account and can reblog it… or it's not too much trouble. <_<' Just want to kind of get it out there.
Also have a shorter post in a journal on my DA that is less of an eyesore.