MayelV on April 6, 2012

Now there's no music and Cliff won't be inspired haha. Oh, it seems like James noticed something: It's his turn to kick some butt.Now to José. Well, he's making a lot of questions. What does he mean with “can she see me?” Of course she can. Wait… *suspects*Oh! I almost forgot! Please keep voting on TWC! There is a special mini comic as incentive. Click and vote to see it! It won't surprise me if it reminds you of the lion king, or monty python ;DThanks for reading!
@dragonestea: hahahaha your comments never fail to make me smile xD
@tehwerr: No!! I don't wanna leave either! I'll stay here. Writing comics!
@KingZombie999: Thanks! I appreciate it. Haha I need a coke to get back to work.
@Mr Kaos:Hahaha of that you can be sure. Will he dare to steal Cliff's?