Case #2354, Cynthia Long, BLACK SABER

cyberdog on June 7, 2013

Case #2354, Cynthia Long.

 Doctor David Humphrey reporting.
Over my
Twenty plus year of studying the Super Human phenomenon, this is my first time
ever encountering a personality such as Cynthia's or Black Saber, as she is
called today.  .  Cynthia Long aka Black Saber is Ruthless in
nature, self absorbed, coupled with Iron fist mantality, Black Saber has an
un-godly sense of accomplishing a tasks at any cost.  I am quick to point out the three missing
roommates in the last three years that Cynthia refused to speak of.  Black Saber is a true perfectionist and
expects perfection from all those around her. 
Showing any kind of weakness or flaw in judgment around Saber will be a
fatal mistake.  Saber is highly intelligent,
corrupted by her god complex, I should say goddess complex.  An uncontrollable seductress, she cannot control
the erg to play the black-widow. This complex makes Cynthia quick to anger,
quick to punish and even faster to kill. 
With Her bones fussed with an organic like metal surface that we have
coined "unubtanium, allows incapable skeletal injury, it also gives her
the ability to produce razor sharp claws from her hands, making her the more
dangerous to this institution and society itself.  It is this office, this doctor's opinion that
this Meda Human be assassinated as soon as possiable.
Doctor David Humphrey
S.H.A.D.R Institute