EarthAngel Spotted

cyberdog on June 11, 2013

Comics has truly hit the jackpot today. 
We have intercepted a Top Secret Communication between undercover
S.H.A.D.R agents and their contact. 
CyberDog and I post this information in hopes to keep you the reader
informed about these men in black and their activities about BigCity.

we encountered Eclipse from WarriorBorn, for most of the encounter we had the
upper hand.  Our plan to capture this
Shadow Demon was working; He had walked right into our hands.  But another very powerful Super Human came to
his aid.  Female with wings, she fended
off the twins, and you're not going to believe this, freed Eclipse from the
drug we had injected him with.  I never
saw anything like it before!  This Earthly
Angel like being wrapped large white wings around the target and when she
opened them again, He was at full strength. 
We had no choice but to flee before ourselves were captured.  As we investigate more sighting of this Earth
Angel we will report its statistics to you.