Ch. 1 Pg. 9

Macattack on April 11, 2012

and we continue on! Not really much to say besides (did I really only upload two new pages to deviant art???) man it's been a stressful term. 
I kind of wanted to take time to show Kanata Ontario before the Canadian Meta Human Crisis. Essentially it's a peaceful, out of the way little town. Which kind of makes it scarier to think what it's going to turn into… This was one of my first pages I did on the self made layout so to say it was a little… stretched would be underselling it :P Also for anyone knowledgeable in geography, I'd just like to take a moment to say Kanata Ontario is not referring to the REAL Kanata Ontario even though they're located in the same area and have a similar small town feel to them. I actually didn't even know there was a real Kanata Ontario before writing this story. Random things you find out eh?