#9 Jacinda Ellory - The Voice of Reason

Dextra on May 28, 2010

Jacinda Ellory is Ceara's neighbor, best friend and mentor. Jacinda is a little older than Ceara, very wise for her own age, and kind with an edge of sarcasm. She prefers to give of a refined demeanor, and she is the epitome of class, even when she's telling someone to go fuck themselves, it's almost as if the words roll of her tongue onto a doily covered silver platter.

Jacinda is also highly hedonistic, and has many “visitors”, both male and female, though she refuses to define her sexuality. “I just adore people,” she says. She dresses very femininely, but prefers her hair short. She seems to enjoy contradictions a great deal.

She avoids talking about her past, just tossing out tiny tidbits, and only if necessary. It seems as if she has a secret that she's keeping, and she does. But it's not as big a deal as she seems to think it is. In time, this secret will be revealed, and nothing much will change as a result, except for the occasional teasing from Nick.

Jacinda took Ceara under her wing after discovering her in the laundry room of their building mystified by the machines. They've been like sisters ever since. And for some reason, Jacinda is the only human Armando likes other than Ceara.