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Anything other than Comics?
Radec at 10:21PM, Sept. 9, 2006
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I play video games.
I try to work as an intern at my father's office.
I own two cats.
Massive Insomnia FTW.
Listen to music. mostly Metallica, Black Sabbath, Rob Zombie, Johnny Cash, etc.
currently starting college, leaving little otherwise to do.
I like pudding.
I believe Douglas Adams should be heralded as lord of all comedy.
Dane cook close behind him.
I seem to have an uncanny knack for making friends with black football players.
Therefore, I never got picked on very often in high school.
<= dead and buried.
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Mazoo at 8:41AM, Sept. 10, 2006
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Alright! Crap about me you'll probably never care about!

-Since middle school I've been the only girl percussionist in my school. (Not anymore though. Dang freshmen…) Although I am bascially opposite of the stereotypical girl drummer. I'm not "punk" or "emo" or act all tough all the time. I'm actually very "girly".
-Until I was about an 8th grader I was a tomboy.
-I have an affinity for drawing people's expressions and hands and I like to think I can draw perspective pretty well.
-I have two jobs, one of which I dislike greatly.
-When I was little, I was extremely tall for my age, and my doctor estimated I would be 5'10" when "fully grown." I am now one of the shortest people in my school and my doctor says I'll be lucky to hit 5'3".
-I used to be a big sports-buff. I played soccer, taekwondo, fencing, tennis, and track and went to basketball camps when I was younger. I only swim now.
-I like to act but dislike the school's drama director and most of the actors in my school.
-I really don't like politics.
-I have very long, complicated dreams that are in full color.
-I have been shot in the arm in a dream before, and when I woke up, there was a red spot on my arm where I had been "shot". I can also smell and taste things in dreams.
-I am unable to be violent or harm people in my dreams.
-I am afraid of the dark, but am the first to "investigate" when things go wrong.
-People seem to think I'm unhappy because I'm cynical and sarcastic, but I'm generally an optimistic person.
-I like dry humor.
-Much to my friends' displeasure, I like to pick out inconsistentcies in movies.
-I like Chemistry and English, and I will probably end up majoring in one or the other or both.
-I would love to minor or major in art or acting, but that will probably not happen.
-I like Greek and Egyptian Mythology
-I squeak when poked
-I know a lot of useless facts, like Ceaser dressing is anchovy based, how to skin a flounder, and that the way to make chocolate cake really moist is to add sauerkraut.
-I can drive stick-shifts.
-I like cold weather a lot more than I like hot weather.

Wow, that's a lot of stuff.
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AQua_ng at 10:56AM, Sept. 10, 2006
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- Used to be a chav
- Used to be ‘1337’

Oh no, my dark past is arrived!

The above are actually true. You wouldn't have known, would you?

K.A.L.A-dan! Brigade Captain :D
K.A.L.A.-dan forums!
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jetfox at 12:19PM, Sept. 10, 2006
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i play on the computer and video game systems and that's about it.

if you want to you can say it, i have no life i already know that i don't.

anyone that does something productive with there life, good for you.
In the immortal words of Saix “Moon shine down!!!!”
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The mediocre one at 2:00PM, Sept. 10, 2006
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I play games
I write
I run Track and Field (100 meter dash, 100 hurtles, and polevault)
I go into plays/musicals as much as I can
I want to have a puppy really badly.
I play with a vex kit (robotics)
I run around the woods like a madman
I scare little children
and I spend the rest of the time wishing I knew people more in the area so I could hang out with people, and generall adjusting to a new place (moved this summer from texas all the way to new england.)
Paper Mache Cataclysm
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PhatScurl at 4:31PM, Sept. 10, 2006
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- I pace

a lot
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deletedbyrequest03 at 6:00PM, Sept. 11, 2006
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Wow… You guys are sexeh!!! :D But really… it's awesome to get to know you guys… I didn't know you were soo… KEWLZ!!! ^_^

This year, school's full of BS!!!
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hat at 6:21PM, Sept. 11, 2006
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Another hobby of mine is taking apart things. Not even kidding, I'd just find some old electronics, and dismantle it with a pair of pliars. The insides of that kind of stuff just facinates me. Of course I don't put it back together, Chances are I have to break the plastic with some tools.
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Sissy Samurai at 8:47PM, Sept. 11, 2006
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Oookay… *cracks fingers* Here goes.

- I write (comedies mostly);
- I love reading about psychiatric disorders (my favorite so far is schizophrenia);
- I listen to music at full volume all day long (I'll probably be as deaf as a rock by the time I reach 30, but what the heck);
- I don't like to watch TV;
- I'm always the one insisting to buy a game or whatever, as opposed to my brother, who prefers pirated software (oops… you didn't hear that from me) Not because I like being that honest, but because I'm kinda lazy, and pirated stuff needs all sorts of tricks and whatnot to make them work… I'm the "plug and play" type. :P
- I play computer games, mostly quests, because I just suck at anything that requires quick reflexes;
- I'm a puzzle-maniac;
- I like to consider myself lucky;
- I used to sound like Donald Duck when I was a kid. Believe it!
- I can speak English with various accents, like Russian, French, German…
- I have the weirdest (sometimes sickest) sense of humor;
- I absolutely love children (they taste great with a little mustard on *licks lips*)
- I'm selfish and rude sometimes, but I try not to show it… much;

… aaaand- CUT!

That's all, folks!
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Hero at 3:58AM, Sept. 12, 2006
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Rollerblading (ow)
Amateur Gymnastics and Martial Arts (Ow!)
Playing RPG/Fighting Games/Racing Games
Drawing unrelated to comics
Reading Novels
And, Various Arts and Crafts (Ow. Trust me, it's painful sometimes.)
K.A.L.A-Dan: Rival!
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draxenn at 9:42PM, Sept. 12, 2006
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I could easily sum my skills up to Jack of all trades, master of none.

I tend to know a little bit about everything.

Example, one fine morning, before breakfast some friends and I had an engaging conversation on Quantum Mechanics, then about airplane engines.

I roleplay…a lot. Probably too much.

I used to be a hardcore video gamer too, but time constraints don't allow for as much gaming as I would like.

I paint minuatures for fun.

I play a game called Amtgard.

I had a minor role in a made for TV movie called "Shania: A life in eight albums".

I've written a screenplay for a 10 minute short film that I will eventually put to film

I enjoy photography and video editing.

I have no time to handle all these hobbies :)

I've been told that I'm so funny, that I can replace alchool at parties(not my words, I swear)

I like doing voices and impressions.

I'm an attention whore.

I'm an attention WHORE.

I love video game music. I've recently downloaded 1200 video game remix tunes.

I work at a call center, but love my job cause i'm not on the phones.

I think i'm likely booring you to tears with this post and will end it now.
Screw the money! I have RULES!
. o O ( Evil )
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Eunice P at 10:39AM, Sept. 13, 2006
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My whole schedule is occupied with studies, homework, assignments and watching online series a bit when I'm exhausted from studies and homework. Other than that, I don't have enough rest and time to draw my comics.

Dang, I envy people who has the free time to doodle.
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Aeon at 12:20PM, Sept. 13, 2006
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I can't resist posting here:

-I am a MAD knitter. Self-taught, I've now taught 5 people to knit, I taught myself to knit right OR left handed so I could teach anyone. I can knit cables, do colorwork (like my badass hot-pink legwarmers with electric blue jolly rogers. Yeah.), and knit lace.
-I can spin my own yarn with the aid of a drop spindle.
-I have a BFA in Theatre, emphasis costume design and technology.
-I can sew (but I hate it because I'm so OCD it takes me forever).
-I am a pretty excellent baker, although I'm only an average cook. My nickname in college was "Cookie McBakeBake."
-I've read every X-Men comic and spin-off between 1979 and 1990.
-My brain is full of useless trivia like: the first and last name of all members of N'Sync, the first and last names, code names (past and present) and personality traits of a vast number of superheroes (Marvel and DC). I think that the knowledge of all of this useless crap has utterly pushed my ability to do math out of my brain.
-I've worked wardrobe for a world reknowned opera house for two summers now, and I'm pretty much a wardrobe badass.
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Ian Jay at 7:12PM, Sept. 13, 2006
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-I've worked wardrobe for a world reknowned opera house for two summers know, and I'm pretty much a wardrobe badass.

Wow. There's a business card you don't see every day.

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Aeon at 8:22PM, Sept. 13, 2006
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I'm planning on having two hundred "Wardrobe Badass" cards made up, in fact.

Not really. I'm too poor.
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JillyFoo at 12:09AM, Sept. 16, 2006
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-Like to read classic fiction books.
-Love Utopia/Distopia books like 1984, Fahrenheit 451 and Brave New World
-Really like animals
-Like to browse Deviant Art for baby animal photos and fave them.
-Rats, dogs and kittens are probably my favorite animals
-Like to teach my dog Milo new tricks
-Like to tease my brother
-Like to think of new ways art can make me money ,but always fails anyway.
-Like video games where I can customize my character's appearance and abilities and I don't have to have dynamic button mashing reflexes to be good at
-like rpgs,strategy rpgs and mmorpgs.
-Like to sleep
-Like cheese
-Like most food with cheese in it.
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BuddyParaiso at 3:05PM, Jan. 8, 2012
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I collect Action figures (The 12 inch, clothed kind) of Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Military…just about anything (No super heroes and ninja turtles)
I collect (or start to collect) “The Soul of Chogokin” line of Super robot die cast miniatures starting with Voltes V. (The “Voltes V” SOC alone cost 13 Philippine Grand…much more expensivce than the Master Replica “Voltron”.)
I hang around in colletors places like Virra Mall in San Juan, Ortigas in Pasig, Divisoria in Manila.
I do 3D arts and I got an impressive gallery on Deviantart and Artician.
I really like to visit museums, go around beaches and rainforests, that's why I once went to Boracay, Ilo-Ilo, bacolod, exotic Philippine places. I love the sea…but I'm afraid it does not love me…Lol!
I take pictures of almost anything (sometimes, including Crap)
Sometimes, I play The Sims 3 or Sims Medieval…I now got the newest “Pirates and Nobles” add on for the Sims Medieval.
I got a new Shitzu dog I named “Lin-Lin” I'm planning to go on a breeder's bussiness someday.
I've noticed much of the movies (Be them as live or 3D animation, continues to exhibit machismo tendencies (How subtle they maybe.) Even there are strong, female characters in a story, it is always the “Nerdie”, low potential male characters who ends up having the last say or getting the girl's interest…when will this ever end???
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PIT_FACE at 6:53PM, Jan. 8, 2012
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2006? i wasnt even ALIVE then! D:
NickyP at 9:05PM, Jan. 8, 2012
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2006? I was a senior in high school! …. OH GOD THAT WAS SIX YEARS AGO I FEEL SO OLD!
RPGgrenade at 6:58AM, Jan. 9, 2012
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Holy crap this IS an old topic! I'd only just started drawing when this topic started!
Well, as for me, my other hobbies and talents are:
*I am self taught in boxing as a martial arts form, unlike most who think of it as a sport
*I do swimming as a sport and can swim pretty well in all four major styles
*I can almost do hand-stand push-ups
*I speak spanish from living in Chile for 10 years
*I am self taught in the forms of bartending, mixology and wine tasting
*I read manga way too much and watch anime just as much
*I've started learning free diving(scuba diving only without the tank of air on your back) and can already dive down 25 meters deep even though my first time diving was just a few days ago
*I can hold my breath for 4 minutes
*I can solve a 3x3x3 rubik's cube in under 2 minutes.
*I can spin a pen very well with my right hand
*I can manipulate a rubber ball very well with my left hand
*I do yoga
*I'm 100% self-taught in drawing and all things art
*I'm a Pastafarian
*I play a lot of videogames
*I used to totally be a social outcast, by the time i got here i was already much more outgoing
*I used be one of the skrawniest teenagers you'd eve seen, then i started swim class and got a large back and a swimmer's body, and have maintained and added some muscle to it ever since.

The liquid creations of Gods passed down to man, but sometimes an object of the gods' realm can cause chaos in the mortal realm.
Read Nectar of the Gods!
bravo1102 at 1:55AM, Jan. 10, 2012
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BuddyParaiso wrote:
I collect Action figures (The 12 inch, clothed kind) of Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, Military…just about anything (No super heroes and ninja turtles)
I collect (or start to collect) "
Ditto but my comics are done with them so one segues into the other.  Now I mostly collect furniture and accessories and create the sets.  Not precisely sure if one is seperate from the other as creating the sets and accessories and customizing the figures ends up in the comic yet is often seperate from the comics.
Build model kits of aircraft and armored fighting vehicles and research them endlessly.  Also research military uniform and make miniature figures of various periods.  Used to compete in contests and donate models to museums.  Now I just try to build more shelving.
I used to collect actual uniforms but sold it all to buy those action figures. 
uglyfun at 12:43AM, Jan. 12, 2012
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I go to art school.
I used to be able to sing well but I dont think I can anymore haha.
I'm good at writing.
I'm good at DDR (ehh.. haven't done that in awhile, maybe I suck now..)
I like biking, but only if I have somewhere to go.
I'm an RA at my school.
I make friends very easily.
I get hit on a lot by lesbians (is this a talent? ;D)
I worked at Disney Imagineering for a year, then interned on Adventure Time at cartoon network.
I just turned 23 and I like being an odd number of years rather than an even number :)

zammap at 1:03AM, Jan. 12, 2012
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I make pretty hair bows and sell them on my site and other sale sites
I intern at a costume/prop studio
I freelance illustration
I do art direction and graphic design for a lolita magazine (that sucks by the way).
so yeah… when I'm not doing comics … I'm doing some sort of other art…
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Genejoke at 2:03AM, Jan. 12, 2012
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Well I'm a full time parent.
I do karate.
used to do fencing…  both types, swords and the type that separate gardens and such.  I used to do a bit of amateur film making, I may do some again soon.
video games
and watch too many tv series and not enough films
ayesinback at 4:20PM, Jan. 13, 2012
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I am a book person - a self-discovery at age 6? - and it's been rather major ever since.
Yeah - married, with kids (2).  And those 2 kids are my biggest, best “hobbies”.  And Himself - well, that's - what it is.  But books call to me.  When I was 6(?), my class went to the town library, and it was then I knew what Ali Baba sensed, surrounded by riches, without having a clue to who Ali Baba might have been.  uummmm - 
I like the feel of a “real” book, that 10/8/12 pt board in the binder, the smythe-sewn, the acid-free pages, 5? 6? color plates printed in Italye.  lovely.  l-o-v-e-r-l-y.
I zone in a good bookstore.  seriously, it's taken the very plaintiff expressions of my kids (please.  O - please, mother mine) to drag me out, after an hour. maybe 2.  OK - maybe 3 (really).
gardening is good, too.  My front yard is “known” locally - kinda cool.
sometimes I like to cook.  And when I'm on, I'm hard to beat.  But that's not a constant.  To me, it's all about flavors and textures.  presentation can remediate, but does not substitute, imo
and then there's making stuff (generally involving textiles/needlework - sometimes clay).  Never know when that will strike, nor how long it will consume.
under new management
Call Me Tom at 1:46AM, Jan. 14, 2012
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I'd describe myself as a horse with blinkers on, I see something and will focus only on it!
At the moment its playing thru dragons age, so computer games is a big one for me! I do read a lot and I always take a book with me tho I never read any thing that “smart” but I didn't take to reading until college when I was told that black and white writing was not meant to jump around the page! I love watching Films but again nothing “smart” (oh Evil Dead how I love you)! I don't watch much tv there never anything good on nowadays Sherlock it at the moment. I play desk top RPGs with friends because they are such a lath!
NickyP at 9:37AM, Jan. 14, 2012
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uglyfun wrote:
I get hit on a lot by lesbians (is this a talent? ;D)
 If you're a lesbian, yes. If you're straight, I imagine it would get pretty annoying.
Fun facts about NickyP, eh? Hmmm…
-Though I'm not an art major nor do I have any real artistic talent, about half of my ex-girlfriends were art majors. And every time I would tell myself, “I'm never dating an artist again,” I'd realize I was hitting on one right then and there. D'oh!
-I was in a chorus that performed at Disney World.
-For the last 5-6 years, I've been a competitor in a debate team. In all my years I've only lost once; my very first round. I also do mock trials, and have yet to lose one of those.
-Despite the previous factoid, before college I wasn't the best public speaker. Sure, I could deliver speeches and readings with great ease… but when it came to speaking my mind, instead of just reading someone else's words, I was very shy. My debate team coach helped me realize that I'm a lot smarter than I thought I was, and I couldn't be more thankful.
-I just graduated with a Bachelors of Applied Science in Paralegal Studies. Why am I telling you this? Because I have zero interest in being a paralegal. lololol
-Currently teaching myself piano. I can play a couple of short tunes, but beyond that, it's not going so well.
-I'll be 25 years old in June, and because of the way a typical Greek household works, I've still never done my own laundry.
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PIT_FACE at 7:37PM, Jan. 14, 2012
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well i like to paint
used to play guitar, got a little baglamas from Greece though so that's fun.
worked on a ship and got about 40 hours in at the helm, pretty damn sweet if you ask me!
fightin fires (with my unbridled charm)
im refocusing my energy on art history now, and i really wanna study the epic cycle, or at least dork out about it for a long long time to come. i just love the hell out've greek culture. history in general is just amazing.
im a sucker for good beer.
even bigger sucker for good music, giddy for thrash metal. giddy as the biggest most flamboyant school girl.
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Tantz Aerine at 1:40PM, Jan. 15, 2012
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okaaay… seems I'm on a forum roll today. :P 

- I am a professional psychopedagogue (= I teach how to teach, correct teachers' errors in kids, that sort of thing, but within the educational psychology field)
- I'm a research psychologist too, specialising on the effect of fear on cognitive fuctions.
- I am also a professional author, so far in fantasy but I am branching out to other genres right now.
- I love to make sweets- cakes, cookies, anything that involves honey, sugar, butter and the like gives me great pleasure to make and share!
- I like logic, justice and human rights. And I fight for them on and off line with a vengeance. No goddamn compromise. EVER. >:(
- I love debates, but I hate manipulative rhetorics. 
- I love wearing hats. I got a hat collection, both summer and winter ones.
- I love to fuse retro and modern elements in compositions. 
Anubis at 4:54PM, Jan. 16, 2012
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ooohhh my turn?
Ok lets see
I hate horror and vampire stories and movies 
I love childrens cartoons  and anime  and Robot Chicken
I travel between Adelaide and Utah at least once a year
I am a freemason

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