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Mafia 44: The Re-Deadening 2!
Salsa at 4:30PM, May 8, 2011
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Hello, people. I have an announcement. I'm running for GM. The screaming, panicking, and general mayhem may begin now.
Glad to see your back. I was worried the wind had gotten to you. Curse you wind! CURSE YOU!

I was okay. The tornado went south of the campus.
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BffSatan at 7:33PM, May 8, 2011
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Product Placement
Oh… I see…

Could you tell us the funny comeback, anyways?

He can't do it without a set up.

Really guys?
Quit lynching the good guys! It's obvious that __TFGM__ is bad, why don't you lynch __TFGM_?
Cause I was already lynched. Are you trying to start something Bff? You think you can take therealtj's place as my rival?! How dare you sir!
Hey! Weren't you killed by a zombie?
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