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Your fave stereotype about yourself
SuperBiasedMan at 8:25AM, April 28, 2008
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I wear glasses, so I'm a big nerd of a genius. I didn't know being nearsighted made me smart! 8D …

Oh right I forgot this obvious one. Altough I wear glasses, am skinny, rubbish at sport, play lots of computer games AND am smart in the world of physics. maths and things like that (so much so I technically disproved all theories to someone once) but I think I barely escape being a nerd by not knowing anything about computers really (I can programe a bit, but when my friends talk about the way computers work the words they use go so far over my head they had to be shot down by air traffic control).
cosBIf you've done trigonometry, like me, you smile at this.
Then realise what you've done and die a little inside.
No need to thank me for that. :D
Now read this:
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bobby_the_kid at 8:11PM, May 5, 2008
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I am Canadian.

I am supposed to drink obscene amounts of bear, say EH? after ever freaking sentence, and I'm supposed to smoke some kind of weed and live in an igloo.In summer.

I'm skinny so I MUST be anorexic or bulimic.

I don't look complete strangers in the eye so therefore I MUST be lying to them.

I like black,I'm shy,I like my hair in a ‘the grudge’ like style,and I also am partial to certain types of punk music, so I'm quite obviously EMO.

I use big words, so I must be trying to somehow embarrass you or make you look stupid.(I just like big words)

I get good grades so I must be a brown-noser and hangout with ‘nerds’.


WEEEEEEE!flesh eating hamsters and happy hour girlie drinks make good bobby!
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Druchii at 9:21AM, May 8, 2008
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That I do drugs or drink. I've done neither.
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Webreever at 2:11AM, May 13, 2008
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Stereotype about me…

Well, when I had Rx Sunglasses, I got joked on about me looking like:
A: the Unibomber
B: A Sexual Offender (pedophile)

But I mostly get egged on about me looking and sounding like a girl. I get mistaken face to face and over the phone (despite my growing mustache).

Also, I've asked and taken many tests online and it turns out that I'm an Asshole.

Yeah that just about covers it…

I suck at Code, so CTL+C and CTRL+V this into your browser.
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beautifully_demonic at 4:32PM, May 13, 2008
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mine is that all Icelanders are rude but honest … I am really
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1f u c4n r34d 7h1s u r34lly n33d 2 g3t l41d
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Deathfire at 12:06PM, May 19, 2008
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Hmm…I've got a lot.

Well, I'm assumed to be foreign because I'm Asian, despite my VERY obvious American accent. (I was thrown in ESL once, just because of my name >_>; )

I apparently like Pokemon and Sailormoon because I like anime (it was once true, but now it's just nostalgic for me).

I must be smart because I'm Asian. I'm not that smart…just a bit above average…>_>;

This is my favorite one that I got a lot in middle school:
I must from North Korea, which makes me communist…oh watch out for those land mines! (my family's from South Korea…there's now way a North Korean can make it to America…really…)

Yeah, that's what I get for living in the South of the US. ^^' Eh, at least they have good food here…XDDD;
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Titch at 3:07AM, May 20, 2008
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Being british I drink lots of tea, have really terrible dental care and for some strange reason think Soccer should be called football and is also the geatest thing since sliced bread (one of the above is true).
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FoxmanZEO at 11:24PM, May 22, 2008
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I like playing sports, so I'm apparently fit, and really truly honestly give a damn about the latest scores, and would love to know everything about the teams, and tournaments? Yeah baby, love ‘em, go for broke, lets show those…

It doesn’t seem like a massive stereotype, but I get it alot.
'Who must do the hard things?

He who can.'

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Katch at 10:02PM, May 23, 2008
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Because i'm an artist i must draw cute things.

Because i'm a girl i obviously must have tons of makeup and mini skirts.
Welcome to California -__-;;

Agnostic, dur~ because i don't believe in God obviously means i worship Satan.
o_o wow, now i see why religious wars get started, religious nut bars~

I make dark comics with lots of monsters so i'm obviously borderline crazy.
LOL, almost true but not quite~

Something goes here
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bravo1102 at 10:20AM, May 25, 2008
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Dumb-ass tanker.

That dusty, crusty, deaf, bright-eyed, hair-cut needing, over-sexed, under appreciated little dip who can take a tank and do more battlefield damage in 5 minutes than a grunt squad can do all day.

Also called a treadhead because like tank tread his head is 100% solid rubber.

You can put a tanker in a totally bare room with a hammer and an anvil, come back five minutes later; the anvil will be broken, the hammer missing and the tanker will know nothing about it.

Except I'm tall and nerdy looking (though I've matured into the exact image of Groucho Marx) Though the over-sexed bit was true…until I got married. ;)
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G D at 8:34AM, May 27, 2008
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I hate the stereotypical Irish accent people do. There isn't just the one Irish accent. Accents differ greatly depending on what part of Ireland you're from. There's so many accents in Ireland even people from counties which are right next to each other have difficulty understanding what each other are saying.
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Jinachi at 2:42PM, May 29, 2008
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The Asshole of the group, being cruel and pissing people off.
I try not doing it but its really fun.
But since i'm chinese i'm always the chinese chef of the group who runs around with fried rice and shit. Well, you cannot change fate….
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jackfennell at 7:35AM, May 30, 2008
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Well I'm irish so what do peole say about us…
The drinking I guess, oh and being farmers and eating potatos.
Those are pretty true though, so it's that much funnier about how careful people have to be about talking about us.

Yeah, I hear that. It gets complicated when Dubliners are brought into it - they think that everyone outside Dublin walks around barefoot, dragging their knuckles in five inches of muck. I'm from Limerick (a.k.a. ‘stab city’), so they also assume I have a pychotic violent streak.

Aw man, the Oirish accent… If I hear one more actor saying something along the lines of ‘bejayzes, dere’s a bomb in me potato'…

Regarding national stereotypes, though, lots of people seem to think that all Irish people hate the English. Well, uh… Not really. I have lots of English friends. By and large, the English are very decent people.
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FanGurlZ at 1:13AM, May 31, 2008
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I have a big butt(I wish)

I speak Ebonics

I'm not attractive

I can sing

I have a baby daddy

I listen to rap (XP)

Can't think of anymore right now.

Homophobia: The irrational fear that gays will break in and re-arrange your furniture against your will.
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krisikas at 1:42PM, May 31, 2008
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Well people from my country(along with me XD) are pretty slow-tempered, foreigner say that they look kinda sad, but thats not true just we dont like to jump into the middle of the street and shout how happy we are(like mostly northerns), also its cold here so that can be a factor why we dont like to shout how happy we are (couz its cold lol).I also love basketball.
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