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Willowanderer at 5:51PM, March 27, 2007
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Name: The Wanderer
Age: 27?
Allegiance: None. (Leaning twords Zac)
Powers: A mistress of the mystic arts. She has limited, semi uncontrolled teleportation, she can start it off, but no idea where she'll end up.
Strengths: Cheerfull, loyal to her freinds, has more esoteric knowledge than is probably healthy.
Weaknesses: Distractable. Has trouble getting to know people. Doesn't like people shouting and being upset- Untill she looses her temper, then she's loud and violent. Unable to resist a streightline.
WeaponsShe has a wand that expands into a staff; but mostly she just kicks people. (She likes to aim for the ass, and the head) Mostly she just uses magic to restrain people.
Short Bio:The Wanderer likes to style herself an observer, but she can't seem to keep herself apropriately distanced. Likes the idea of being able to choose use names; but also loves the idea of people being held respcible for their actions, hence her conflict
Very much a Dr. Strange, Dr. Fate, (and a bit DR.Who) character. She knows a great deal about everything, but very little about what's actualy going on…
Quote: “No Good shall come of this. I need to do something… oooh look! Butterflies!”

I'm Caught In The Space Between
Check out my normal comics; Songs of an Angel | Stupidity In Magic
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jiminycricketX at 7:45PM, March 27, 2007
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NAME: JiminycricketX A.K.A. Milo Neuman

AGE: Almost 16


POWERS: Can summon any video game weapon to use in battle. This includes items that can be used to increase his physical strength and agility. The only thing he can't manage is god mode.

STRENGTHS: A rapier Wit and an overall cheerful personality. A wide knowledge of video games (even ones he hasn't played yet.)

WEAKNESSES: A Firey Temper and a stubborn streak a mile wide.
He also has a very short vocabulary and can tend to be a slacker.

WEAPONS: Almost anything from a video game. Favors dual weilding the Master Sword and a Keyblade.

BIO: Milo and his Brother, Nega Link (A.K.A. John) make up a special hero force that has been delivering justice for over a year. With the announcement of the Registration act, the two become torn apart. John choosing registration, and Milo choosing freedom.

QUOTE: We have intelligence?

Me and Nega Link are going to co-author an event together. He'll be joining Zac since I'm on Riot's team.

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thisberichard at 8:06PM, March 27, 2007
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Name: Amy Warren
Age: 20
Allegiance: Zac
Powers: Nothing truly supernatural. Operates on skill and skill alone.
Strengths: Extraordinary skill in unarmed combat, considerable prowess with melee weapons, alertness, and determination.
Weaknesses: No actual powers to speak of and difficulty getting along with others.
Short Bio: Amy studied martial arts from a very young age and had her life utterly destroyed by vampires pretty recently (who then framed her for the murder of her family and friends). Since then, she's joined up with a group of hunters. She supports registration, hoping it will increase accountability for the betterment of all.
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alejkhan at 4:12AM, March 28, 2007
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Name: alejkhan, or just alej

Age: 24

Allegiance: Riot

Powers: Clever insight into people, common sense, almost a law degree, and twisted imagination that has spawned some interesting characters who fight…by her side.

Main Strength: No one ever suspects her.
Main Weakness: Allergies, lots of them.

Short Bio: Alej has many personalities all manifested in her comic book characters and storylines. She identifies with them all. They are all her outlet. When she isn't studying, or avoiding finding a job, she's drawing…that is until three of her more prominent characters start having a debate about this whole registration thing…
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Adariel at 7:41PM, March 28, 2007
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Name: Adariel

Age: 20

Allegiance: ZAC! ZAC! ZAC!

Powers: Combat ability with a chain and sickle

Strenghts: Assist / Defend ally junkie, can take up second in command status but never leader (thats just creepy). Can stay at home for 5 days straight without going insane.

Weaknesses: pretty girls and cookies

Short Bio: On the last DD meltdown, Adariel was lost and had nowhere to go. Rosencron found him lounging on a library drawing like crazy but had nowhere to post the stuff, he took the poor drawing guy under his wing and gave him cookies to soothe his restless soul. Eventually, DD was reborn and Adariel signed up again (he was ecstatically happy), a few months after, DD was bought by Platinum Studios (a Rosencron Company), a new directive was in the works and Adariel signed up as an operative. A few hours before the roll out, he receives an email message: *DD directive shall be put into motion, all operatives are to report to the Main Hall as soon as possible*. He hastily scribbles a page saying that hes going out for a trip for while and posts it on his webcomic and goes off to report for duty..

Character pic: Im gonna change it this weekend
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Office_Zone at 9:49AM, March 29, 2007
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Riot-team: Retail Warrior

Armed with her acerbic wits and retail savvy, Carly, AKA RETAIL WARRIOR, attempts to compels her foes to a positive sale outcome using her amazing ‘Sales-Speak" ability.

Although, when the going gets tough, she has a few surprises you might not expect!

Powers: Sales-Speak, Freight moving and stocking

Weapons: Heavy duty ’Staple Gun of Affixing', the amazing CORPORATE YARD STICK of SMITING, expandable Armor of Paperclips, and the Metal Ruler of Sizing

Weaknesses: can become mesmerized by socks with unique patterns and designs on them.
Staple gun has only 250 rounds.
Will go out of way for practical jokes.

Short Bio: Carly found herself afforded with the above powers and tools after using a short-circuiting defibrulator on a customer who passed out after successfully receiving a rebate check. Since then, she has battled for the profit of whatever cause she puts herself to. In this case battling for artist anonymity at the side of Riot!

Retail Warrior pic
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draxenn at 12:50PM, March 29, 2007
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Name: The Grumbleduke (GD for short)

Age: Ageless

Allegiance: Riot-man

Powers: Awesome in combat, super strong, not much else(see weaknesses)

Weaknesses: Biscuits. He loves them. He gets into frays for them. When biscuits are on the line, there is very little that can stop him. However, he'll also walk into a know trap for biscuits. He loves them.

Short Bio: The Grumbleduke first appeared on this world a few months ago. He was an LSD hallucination of Guy from A Jagged Mind. Over the past while, he's gotten to learn about the world he now inhabits, which is largely different from Pantarxix, his homeworld.
Screw the money! I have RULES!
. o O ( Evil )
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shisno15 at 2:10PM, March 29, 2007
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Name: Marku
Age: 24
Allegiance: Zac
Powers: Shoot fireballs from hands, Flying (with the Latkitu Nimbus)
Strengths: After a near fatal blow he becomes stronger after he recovers, gets angry when a teamate in injured.
Weaknesses: He is constantly hungery, his sense of humor often gets in the way.
Short Bio: Most of the time he is Happy-go-lucky, but in a really serious situation he instantly snaps out of it and go all out. Still looking for his wife (Pea-chi who was kidnapped) he joined up with Zac in an attemp to uncover the truth behind her disappearence.
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Rina_ran at 10:41PM, March 29, 2007
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Name: Marina aka Rina-ran
Age: May 8, 1989 …17, but nearly 18.
Allegiance: Zac
Powers: Besides being able to weild a pretty large weapon for her size, she can cook like crazy. Loves baking sweets and spicy foods the most. Besides edible ingredients, she'll pretty much mix anything together just to see what it can do.
Strengths: Fantastic memory, quick thinker, flexible, enduring, and persistant
Weaknesses: Math, bare chest bishounen (fan service), holds a grudge until it's redeemed, and the smell of pickled anything.
Short Bio: Her mom was like a slave driver that forced her to cook at a young age. Somehow she grew up to liking the art and got out from under her mother's thumb. Now she has the most fun creating new mixtures in the kitchen.
Besides the art of cooking, drawing has always been her passion. Growing up in such a tiiiiiinnnnyy town in Texas (surrounded by farmers) didn't supply her with much inspiration or critique. So she looked to the internet for some love. Finding DD has been one of her best life decisions and she'll do anything to keep her story/ies going. She likes her name, and doesn't mind using it.
Character pic:

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AQua_ng at 7:05AM, March 30, 2007
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Name: Antony Quang, AQua_ng.
Age: 15: Sept. 7th, 1991.
Allegiance: Zac.
Powers: Manipulation of ice and snow, able to lower temperature of things, tolerence to extreme temperatures.
Strengths: Good reactions, agility and techniques. A good strategist. Loyal, compassinate and always thinking ahead.
Weaknesses: Not very strong, very gullible. Pokemon will distract him.
Short Bio: A plucky kid who rose up the ranks of popularity of the Duck. After a short while he became a mod, one of a high ranking position. He has used this position to help benifit DD.

Whilst he was reaching for some food in a refridgerator, an electrical surge with alpha particles made contact with the fridge and caused it to explode. Antony was exposed to the alpha particles and the cold which led him to his superpowers.

He was a witness at ‘The Great Ban’, where 600 members were banned. He is now part of the G.U.A.R.D, an organisation made by Platinum to deal with those against the act.

K.A.L.A-dan! Brigade Captain :D
K.A.L.A.-dan forums!
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Rick Xeros at 8:05AM, March 30, 2007
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Name: Rick Xeros
Age: Unknown
Alignment: Chaotic/Good
Allegiance: Riot
Powers: Ability to temporarilly copy the powers of a defeated enemy, high healing ability due to nano bots, general magic casting ability, can transform into a fox, demonic strength.
Strengths: He's good humored, has willingness to protect others, intellegent, has strong loyalty, and a good sense of derection.
Weaknesses: Cat girls, bull headed when angered, light bothers him, he's an insomniac, if his visor is lost bad things happen, has a tendancy to run into walls, gets drunk on soda.
Short Bio: It is not known where he came from, only what he is now, the cyborg, fox demon, elf, angel, bounty hunter Rick Xeros! Rick has jumped from world to world, universe to universe, seen many wonders met many friends and formed a new world in the deepest corner of cyber space, the dark realm known as, Darkadia, where he along with a counsel of friends, he has made on his trek through the ethos, rule over and protect Darkadia and it inhabitants, as well as make comics and such!
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Eternal_Gwen at 8:15AM, March 30, 2007
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Name: Blade (Or the Mysterious Masked Tomato Warrior)
Age: 14
Allegiance: Mr. Riot
Powers: The ability to change the shape of inanimate objects (This allows her to make a sword out of tomatoes, or a backpack out of dirt) and change them back (Note, she can change animate objects, but she can't change them back; This is why she carries around a rock that she is constantly calling “Mike” ) . The also has the ability to make things get struck by lightning, but that happens rarely, and generally to people who shouldn't get struck by lightning; like Elf.
Weapon of Choice: The Tomato Fencer; a thin but strong blade that was formed out of random bits from her tomato Garden.
Strengths: Passion, Ideals, Creative juices, ingenuity, dumb luck, occasional lightning strikes (to her enemies) and a sharp object.
Weaknesses: Naivete, Panic attacks, Occasional lightning strikes(To her allies), Bad hand eye coordination and a recent growth spurt. (Hey what's that! *Facefall*)

Short Bio: Elf and Blade are two girls living in a world of stick-figures. Blade has always known Elf, and they have always been friends. They control their own little world and occasionally get zapped into other, pocket stick-figure dimensions. (During one such trip, Blade gained the ability to make lightning strike things. (Churches, bad guys, Elf, Herself.))

One day, Elf and Blade's world was suddenly changed; they had substance, the stick figures were gone! After a long journey to fix the dilemma, life went back to normal. But Blade was never the same. With Elf, she modified the rules of their world, so that together, they could pull themselves into the better art world. She became obsessed with the art of webcomicing, safe in the anonimity of the internet. And soon she had started her own.

But then, one day she heard the news that that Anonimity would soon be gone and so she decided to travel to Riot's Headquarters and offer herself to fight the good fight.
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Persephone at 5:08PM, March 30, 2007
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Name: Persephone
Age: 16
Allegiance: Zac
Powers: Having the ability to swing a bat really hard and whip out a small switch blade.
Strengths: she has the power to scare little children, snazzy jacket
Weaknesses: quick-tempered, doesn't get along well with others,
Short Bio: err..doesn't like nicknames. :3
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machiavelli33 at 1:50AM, March 31, 2007
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Oh so this is where this stuff goes.
This is what I get for making my first post without reading around first.

Data File: Adagio
Alias: Adagio
Real Name: Uncertain. Several possibilities currently on file.
Age: between 19 and 30
Allegiance: evidently sided with RIOT
Powers: ability to climb and cling to any solid surface, no matter the make, alignment, or positioning. Possessing of enhanced reflexes. Claws affixed to hands where fingers once were. Pikes affixed to legs where feet once were. Can attain impressive speeds when travelling on all four limbs. Has reached a maximum recorded speed of 60 mph on land running on all fours, recorded by surveillance helicopter.
Strengths: Criminally insane, does not exist on the same mental level as most other human beings, violently unpredictable.
Weaknesses: Criminally insane, does not exist on the same mental level as most other human beings, violently unpredictable.
Weapons: Finger claws and pikeheaded feet. Outside of these, all weapons are improvised.
Short Bio: (information obtained via wiretap) Once a circus acrobat, the man known only as Adagio lost use of both of his lower legs when his trapeze snapped.

He worked as a sideshow freak after that as “the Stiltfooted Man” until he lost his mind. This triggered his superpowers and turned him irrepairably insane.
He's since left the circus.

He is evidently comfortable with the anonymity that his newly forged identity affords him, which is why he has chosen to refuse registration. He currently acts as avatar for Machiavelli33, who chooses otherwise to remain wholly anonymous outside of a single image of a man standing atop a burning car.

Quote: “I am now Adagio, and forever shall I be Adagio!”
Sparkimus Prime….ENTER THE FRAY.

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OutofLine at 9:02AM, March 31, 2007
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Name: “OutofLine”
Age: 17
Allegiance: Riot
Powers: The ability to summon any entity from her subconscious to help her, using the pendant she wears.
Strengths: Intelligent, creative, great with computers, strong loyalty.
Weaknesses: Fairly weak compared to other heroes, can only summon one entity at a time.
Short Bio: OutofLine never wanted fame. All she wanted to do was to be creative, whether it was randomly doodling comics, drawing characters from some idea she had, or just noting down whatever tune came into her mind.
It was once her hobby, but recently it has become a chore. All the ideas she once had were now stuck at the back of her head, melting away as soon as pencil hit paper. The whole fuss over this new Registration Act the Platinum Council brought in wasn't helping either.
To relieve this Artist's Block, she had tried everything. She even bought a “Pendant of Creativity” in the hope of beating the block, but little did she know that there was more to the pendant than meets the eye…
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Disgruntledrm at 11:42PM, March 31, 2007
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Name: Disgruntledrm
Age: 17
Allegiance: Zac
Powers: Bad, deafening puns…and short distance astral projection…about 5-10 feet.
Strengths: Her powers…and thinking on her feet. She's not that good at thinking on her bum.
Weaknesses: Spam. Offer her a can and she'll tell you anything.
Short bio: Disgruntledrm was informed of this devastatingly interesting occurence that could very well shake drunkduck to the core…so she decided to put down the video game controller, and fight for truth…honesty…and Zac's cool guitar.
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Neilak20 at 10:15AM, April 1, 2007
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Name: Neila K20 (Or just Neila)
Age: 20
Allegiance: Riot
Powers: Telekenetic
Strengths: Gains energy with coffee and thus becomes more powerful at Telekenises, has a Jutte. Is somewhat intellegent, but due to her channeling so much energy into being emo, she often doesnt use her brain. (would that be a weakness as well?)
Weaknesses: Low Blood Sugar, Bright Lights, the Sun, people more depressing than her, and people mispelling her Screen-Name. Doesn't quite know how to Use the Jutte she has. Cute things (becomes terribly distracted by them).
Short Bio: One day, upon wakeing on the literal “wrong side of the bed” Neila found there was no coffee. Distraught over the loss, she became horribly emo, though, due to not knowing exactly how to be sad or unhappy, she does a very poor job of being dramatic. (So much of the time she forgets to be “sad/emo” and gets distracted by cute things). Upon trudging though some city, she came across a TV display with a news story about the Registration act and vowed to fight against those that would wish her use her true name.

(I dont remember exactly what I put down at first, so I may come back and change this if I got my character wrong o_o )

= Updated 5-6-07 = I tried to clarify just how she fails at being emo, and added a new weakness: Cute Things.
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magnus911 at 4:56PM, April 1, 2007
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Name: Magnus-911
Age: Undeterminable, due to healing factor (Looks 16)
Allegiance: Zac
Powers: Ginormous cybernetic right-drawing hand(multitude of concealed weapons/drawing utensils inside said hand, and super strength with hand as well), limited telekinesis(due to weird floaty-things near head)
Strengths: Wide array of video game knowledge, good grades in school, knowledge of both the sprite and drawn-comic world.
Weaknesses: Laughing Gas, Electricity.
One day, a boy with a healing factor went to a cybernetics company. He asked them for a $20,000 experimental right arm. They said, “Why not?”. The company(named Magnus Cybernetics), revealed to him their 911th model of cybernetic weapon-arms, which was kind of outdated because they just released their 921st model. Their explanation was that when they finished the model, the date was September 13, 2001. No further explanation needed.

Magnus Cybernetics, however, immediatley went bankrupt due to a bizarre python-related chemical spill. Withour Magnus Cybernetics there to install the arm for the boy, the boy did something drastic. He read the instruction manual of the cybernetic arm! He then cut off his right arm with a cleaver, while under numerous anasthetics. Installing the arm as quickly as possible, he managed to do it before his arm fully regenerated. He then asked himself, “Uh… what now?”.

After moments of thinking, he decided to get a super-cool helmet and body armor. And he did. After that, he stole experimental telekinesis modules from a company known as Experimental Telekinesis Modules Inc. Now that he had a cybernetic right arm, a super-cool helmet with body armor and experimental telekinesis modules, he was bored. Suddenly, he had a crazy thought. “I WILL MAKE WEBCOMICS!” the boy said. The boy practiced a bit on his home PC, before going to, donning the name magnus911, to publish his creations. A little while passed during his stay at DD, until the Registration Act was brought to his attention. He was tired of Anonymous people shooting down other people's comics, and joined Zac in his quest to push this act. Also, he was bored and wanted an extra source of inspiration for his own comics.

Thus, he created a superhero identity, calling himself “Magnus-911”, thinking it was clever that his username and superhero moniker were almost exactly alike, and that he didn't need a superhero costume because he already looked ridiculous in public. His interests are Anime/Manga, Comics, Cartoons and Grilled Cheese. Mmmm…. Grilled Cheese…
Picture: Magnus-911
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Ocka at 9:21PM, April 2, 2007
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Name: Ocka (real name unknown)
Age: Unknown
Allegiance: Mr. Riot
Powers: A seemingly endless supply of robots that he controls with his watch, and money
Strengths: advance jujitsu skills, decent marksman, knows how to use a sword, intelligence, mechanics, technology and…. his robots oh and he knows how to escape almost any situation.
Weaknesses: Tom cruise, water, can easily loose focus, will not surrender and will fight till he is knocked out, blunt objects.

Short Bio: Ocka was once your average joe working for the military, until he finally decided to leave. His name, however, was not really Ocka, but it's infact his alias he used while working for the military to hide his true name. Before he left, he erased his true name from all his records, thus he is only known as Ocka.

10 years after leaving the military, he started to make robots, and eventually sold thousands to nations across the world. He then finally hears about a civil war brewing, and ignores it at first, but once he found out what the war was for, he decided to fight for Mr. Riot, for he'll be damned if he wants people to see his real name.

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celrena at 7:16AM, April 3, 2007
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Wooo I'm the fourth neutral on here :o
The neutrals will SO win this war haha jk jk

Name: Celrena
Age: 22
Allegiance: Neutral

Powers: Can fly/hover, energy blasts, and quickness. My original design for Celrena (very old design, just a nickname that stuck) was a strong Super Saiyan. But I'll just tone the power stuff down to be fair.

Strengths: Moves pretty quickly and seems pretty strong. Wields a samurai sword that was given to her long ago. The sword has no special powers… It's just a sword… lol.

Weaknesses: Bishies!! lol This is the main reason why she has an assistant with her. Her assistant is there to knock some sense into her when she encounters one lol.

Short Bio:Being a weapons collecter and anime freak, she has always seemed to have a love for comics. Celrena found herself at mostly as a reader. Over time she found herself becoming one of the artist on the website.

War seems to have broken out on the once peaceful DD site, trying to split the users into two groups. Torn between the two groups, Celrena has no clue whom to choose because both sides have good reasoning. So she finds herself in a small group of people, whom are called the neutrals :o

Refusing to go to Canada to flee just because she is neutral she will fight for her right to be neutral on this quest~!

YAY go neutrals lol yea I know I'm a dork
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DarknessLord at 5:45PM, April 3, 2007
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I've just posted my design, and I might as well post my profile too!

Name: DarknessLord (my DD username) is his ‘real name’ while Kamikaze is his ‘username’ / Superhero alias
Age: 18
Allegiance: Riot
Powers: Aerokinetic, meaning he can manipulate air with his mind, his powers have grown to point where he can compress it to where it is solid, even making a solid disc of air that he can ride on to fly, or go the other way and create a localized vacuum, by combining these powers he can also use differential pressure to move objects, but nothing very heavy.
Strengths: Has good Balance, is able to use his power creatively, strong willed.
Weaknesses: Witty Banter, he makes mocking super hero like dialog all the time, including bad puns and things of that nature, if he's gone a while without making any lines like that, he'll even stop fighting (except for minimal defense) to think of something, or will use a slightly less effective method just to make a pun (however this only applies when/if he has a speaking role in a fight, if he is just a background character don't worry about it.). Also his mask is just a black strip, so for those who know him it doesn't really conceal his identity. While it's not really a weakness, he is merciful in that he doesn't like to kill, so while he could win many fights in a jiffy by sucking the air out of his opponent's lungs, he doesn't do so as it would kill them
Short Bio: Other then DL's powers he has lead a relatively normal life, he's grown up and went to school like most. But as he discovered he was gifted with abilities he resolved to fight for justice, just like the superheros he idealized. However unfortunately for him, his town looked down on vigilantes, and he wasn't prepared to break that law when the police already seemed to have crime under their control. However he practiced with his powers so that he would be ready when his time did come. When the registration act was passed, he knew that he had to stand up for the rights of the people, even if in this case it did mean breaking the law and taking matters into his own hands…
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end_game at 8:36PM, April 3, 2007
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Name: xitius
Age: 19
Allegiance: riot
Powers: nothin'
Strengths: good sword fighter and gunslinger (if he actually brought guns) stays in the darkness most of the time for ambushes, quick on his feet
Weaknesses: annoying people, doesn't care for others, quiet
Short Bio: always enjoyed looking at swords and guns, the second he got one he immediately began training with them after his so called death out in the forest cliffside he met the reaper, but with a small talk he regained his life but with a bigger sword
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The mediocre one at 1:29PM, April 5, 2007
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Name: Berserker
Age: 23
Allegiance: Riot
Strengths: Perfectly flexible, very strong.
Weaknesses: Children. He gets lost in through when he looks at them. Also he's Self-concious of how ugly he is.
Short Bio: A deformed creature, he seeks to level his hurt upon the world. He isn't so much with riot as he is against Zak, the whole being caged thing kind of pissed him off. He thinks on the level of a primitive creature: it wants to hurt him, so he wants to hurt it, but he also posesses a kind of cunning of a hunter.
Bottom line: He likes hurting people, and he's good at it.
Paper Mache Cataclysm
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iagojester at 5:58PM, April 5, 2007
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Name: Captain Hawke
Allegiance: Riot
Powers: Can swordfight and time-travel using stars.
Strengths: Uh, her awesome corset?
Weaknesses: She can be somewhat of a jerk sometimes.
Short Bio: Born a fricken long time ago, got jilted by Captain Wolfe (among other things), spends her life chasing him through time, stealing the art he steals… aw, just read the comic.

Name: Captain Wolfe
Allegiance: Zac
Powers: Can swordfight and time-travel using the sun.
Strengths: He wears all black. That's cool.
Weaknesses: The girl! Always the girl!
Short Bio: He jilted Captain Hawke (among other things) and turned to a life of thievery, taking ancient artifacts from different time periods while dressed as a pirate, even though he always ends up losing everything to Hawke… except the angsty fights. He wins those.

~*~Fated Feather~*~
Pirates, art history, and time travel- things could get messy.
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NekkoXIII at 10:51AM, April 7, 2007
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Name: Skizm
Age: 21
Allegiance: Riot
Powers: Can pull smaller versions of herself off of her body, slightly enhanced strength
Stengths: agile, street smart,fairly good street fighter, some martial arts training
Weakness: Food, bill collectors, loose change on the street
Short Bio: A college drop out down to her last few dollars, Skizm discovered she hand “unusual” abilities when she was in a car accident involving a large truck. The collision with the truck sent her through the windshield of her car but rather than getting seriously hurt she found herself in about a thousand little piece crawling on the road. After a few hours she finally pulled herself together and shortly after decided her talents would be better put to use being a superhero. Of course this is easier said than done. Now she spends her time trying to find odd jobs to feed herself as well as get good at this superhero thing.
“You'd be surprised how much planning goes into chaos…”
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Stich at 3:12PM, April 7, 2007
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Name: Stich
Age: 152
Allegiance: Riot
Powers: The typical fox demon powers, and powers every demon has, plus teleportation and being able to pull anything out of pocket and having extra lives.
Strengths: Physical skills are waaaaaay higher then a human's, sharp teeth, has good aim, good at spying and blowing crap up.
Weakness: Coward, lazy, gets sunburnt easily, and also has a wierd allergin to sun that activates from prolonged exposior, good food, tends o fall asleep when in warm areas, also tends to studder a lot.
Short bio: A deranged loon from another dimension, and a class triple S criminal. She frequently is chased by the squirrel army, who shoot to kill. Wanted dead with a high bounty on her head, she created a devise to escape her persuers. A transdimensional remote. Using this, she travels the countless dimensions, causing chaos wherever she goes. Along with gaining a spiffy remote, she also made a deal with a grim Reaper of the damned, who was increadably drunk. She bet she could eat a whole jar of human currency-jar and all-in under a minute in return for an un-Godly amount of extra lives. The reaper agread, and a whole jar of cash was devoured in under a minute by Stich. The grim reaper, being as drunk as she was, fulfilled her end of the bargin. A long time later, after hearing of Rosencron's decrea to force users to change their screan names to their reals ones, she headed for the Drunk Duck universe to try and stop this atrosity-mainly by pure violence.
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kujosbloodstrewnmoon at 6:43PM, April 8, 2007
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Name: Kujo
Age: 20
Allegiance: Zac
Powers: Craft skillz… mercenary stuff… oh… daughter of the ultimate darkness… but she rarely uses her powers…
Strengths: She owns a bar… and thus has alot of friends (not necessarily sober ones…) and has links with many unnatural things…
Weaknesses: She has a really dark traumatizing past and often takes a long time to trust people… and she's a mercenary… loyalty isn't necessarily… absolute…
Short Bio: She's part vamp, part fallen angel, and thus has been shunned by many a village. She owns a blood bar known as “Kazuki Midori”, and is Daughter of a great evil, but dislikes using her powers because of the lack of blood they cause…

I used to think the moon was made of cheese… but now I know it's just made of Vanilla Ice-Cream… that was some DAMN hard vanilla ice-cream!!! ><
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thisberichard at 8:47PM, April 8, 2007
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Amy's the one representing me for the Civil War, but in the event I'm working on, there are some other characters of mine I'm using:

Name: Super V Girl (Rachel)
Age: Mid-20s
Allegiance: Riot
Powers: Sparklepower! (Assuming it actually exists.)
Strengths: Can-do attitude, vibrance, and enthusiasm.
Weaknesses: Unless sparklepower actually exists, she's really got nothing to back up her confidence. And she's somewhat delusional.
Short Bio: Rachel, convinced that she is a superheroine named “Super V Girl” (or SVG for short) has dedicated her life to saving the world and fighting the good fight. Of course, her “good fight” seldom extends beyond informing people that what they're doing “is for evil-doers.” And the “superpower” she claims to possess could easily just be dumb luck and no one else thinks any of this nonsense is real.
She joined Riot because “Oppression is for evil-doers” and because she must protect her secret indentity… which is actually common knowledge.
Quote: “Remember, kids: breaking into government buildings is for evil-doers!”
Ancient Reference Images:

Name: (Lieutenant) Dameon Cross
Age: Much older than he looks.
Allegiance: It seems an awful lot like both.
Powers: Inhuman strength and speed.
Strengths: Extraordinary combat ability. Vast resources at his disposal. Willing to sacrifice others for his ends.
Weaknesses: Doesn't bother at all to hide that he is not a good person.
Short Bio: Unknown. He seems to be playing both sides.
Ancient Reference Images:

Name: Alsn (Allison)
Age: Early 20s
Allegiance: Riot
Weapons: Rapier
Strengths: Sheer badassery. Pretty handy with a rapier.
Weaknesses: Wow, those things up front have got to be heavy. I'm surprised she can walk.
Short Bio: Alsn joined with Riot because she wanted to get in on the fight and thought Riot was cool, hating all things emo.
Ancient Reference Images:

Name: Richard
Age: Early 20s
Allegiance: Neutral
Weapons: Bastard Sword or Katana
Strengths: Good with a sword.
Weaknesses: Can't actually fight for either side.
Short Bio: Richard can't join either side, because he's the creator of characters on both sides and neither group would let him live it down if he settled with the other. Of course, staying neutral is proving pretty unpleasant, too.
Ancient Reference Images:
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Mister Spook at 2:35PM, April 9, 2007
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Name: Mister Spook
Age: ???
Allegiance: ???
Powers: Mastery of All Things Arcane, Greater Initiate to the Darkness of the Crawling Chaos
Strengths: Magic, Enhanced Strength and Fortitude, Can alter his size and shape, but always appears in the primal colors of black and white. Quickly recovers from any physical trauma.
Weaknesses: Fire. Allergic to cats and being digested. Has little patience and will sometimes just give up out of exasperation.
Short Bio: Mister Spook is a mysterious entity from man's Hyperborean Age and presumably once ruled an ancient empire as its sorcerer king. The minions of Spook, however, ultimately betrayed him and imprisoned him in a magic block of ice - buried deep in the world's coldest region. Recent climate shifts, however, have released the eldritch lord from his forced slumber and for the time being he has contented himself to lie low, seeking a comfortable refuge at Drunk Duck. He has had little time to consider the conflict of the Civil War - having been imprisoned in a jar by the one and only, Black Kitty!

Reference Sketch:

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sinic at 7:27PM, April 12, 2007
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Name: The Chemist
Age: 27
Allegiance: Riot
Powers: Knowledge of all things explosive, personal explosive resistance
Strengths: Intelligence (especially with regards to Chemistry), decision making, cold reasoning, makes a mean bleu cheese dip
Weaknesses: Gin & tonic, occasional lack of empathy, beer, not great with strenuous activity, Irish whiskey, not always around when needed, ethanol in general.
Short Bio: The Chemist is married to Bite Girl. He works with her when he can, but is more involved in maintaining their cover and supplying the financial backing for their operations. He backs Riot because he needs to maintain his anonymity in order to keep his job. If people at work knew what he did with his chemical knowledge on his off-time he'd never be able to face them again.
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