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Eviltwinpixie at 10:06AM, April 13, 2007
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Powers: Knowledge of all things explosive, personal explosive resistance surly manner

Fixed that for you. ;)
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AshuraH at 11:57PM, April 18, 2007
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Name: Spirit of Steel
Age: 24
Allegiance Riot
Powers: Fighting skills, use of a familiar dagger, an encyclopediac knowledge of super robots, his 12+ foot ally “Beta Numbers”
Strengths: Friendly to a fault, one to uphold justice, willingness to protect others.
Weaknesses: Explosive temper, shy, too trusting of others, kittens. Yes, kittens.
Short Bio: A big anime fan (mostly into the Super Robot genre, though does like others), the guy known as “AshuraH” was drawn into the wonders of Drunk Duck by a friend. Seeing a great place to make some kind of mark in the world, he decided to join in on this wonderful community…

…only to join in just as the big Registering thing kicked in. At first, he thought he could get by with it just because he just showed up. That didn't work when a bunch of Registration goons appeared and tried to get him to sign up. Five minutes later and the arrival of his “big buddy”, the machine Beta Numbers, he realized that if he was going to enjoy himself in the place without people knowing who he was and could easily look up his name on Google to find out where he lived, he took his mecha buddy, suited up, and headed off in search of Riot, the supposed leader of the Resistance, if it can be called that. He would show those who followed such a stupid law the real power of courage, the courage to stand up for what he believes in. He will show them his Super Robot Spirit, the Spirit of Steel!

…hey, it sure beats pushing carts….

Quote: It's hard work and guts that gets us to where we are, not fame and fortune!
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Evil_Snuffkin at 11:25AM, April 19, 2007
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Looks fun ^_^

Name: Evil Snuffkin
Age: 19
Allegiance: Mr. Riot
Powers: Forced to created sound waves with her mind as unable to speak she has been able to manipulate this in an attack. The strength of her attack can be amplified by the use of her sword. Can use sound waves to propel her into the air… but landing safely is a problem.
Strengths: Sound based attacks, a decently strong tail for close up combat, long ears give her incredibly good hearing. Her greatest skill is her phenomenal agility and speed that allows her to gain the distance she needs to perform her most deadly attacks.
Weaknesses: Attack strength is poor at close range, at a distance the sound waves cover a width of minimum 3 meters and so holds the possibility of accidentally hitting allies. Physically everything but her tail is weak. Unconfident. Her most crippling weakness is horrendously bad music which will send her into a cold sweat and induce physical pain.
Short Bio: Coming from a small community in England she found her odd physical appearance made many suspicious or even hateful of her. When she hears of the Civil War, having very little to hold her back and seeking a sense of direction to her life, she sets out to do what she can for Mr. Riot's cause.
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KLSanchez at 4:51AM, April 20, 2007
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Name: [Appearing as] Zephir (and) KL Sanchez
Age: 23
Allegiance: None but the rule of Conscience
Powers: Good aim, agility, speed, and strong for his relative size. All Mexicans are. Wields twin swords carved from a mysterious red rock granting him certain powers to manipulate energy. This leads to what he calls the “Tetsusaiga Effect”. ( :P )
Strengths: Cunning and intelligent bordering on the Mad Science Artist insane.
Weaknesses: Short, uncharismatic, slightly gullible, can be emotional and vulnerable and perhaps too compassionate at times. Particularly rebellious and noncomformant, and a self-proclaimed jerk. Will not kill.
Short Bio: An enigma inside an enigma, little is known and indeed will ever be known about KL Sanchez. Appearing to Riot, Zac, and Cheeko during a freak accident, he refuses to get involved in the war despite the firepower he could bring to said fight… however, he has volunteered the usage of his home as a neutral site away from the war, should either side need rest, or a forum for debate.

Currently he chooses no side, and prefers to be the medium through which debate can flow, but should his opinion be swayed either by the hand of force or… well, the hand of force, he could become a dangerous enemy.

Also he tends to side with the oppressed so there's an automatic 20% lean towards Riot. Careful this balance is not tipped.
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FreakGamer at 5:05PM, April 25, 2007
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Name: Kyle Polo AKA FreakGamer
Age: 18
Allegiance: Neutrals
Powers: Has full control of Good and Evil Osor. Osor is a power found deep within some people. The attacks are strong and can be deadly. Also has been known to change the coding of his computer generated realm and add things where need be and alter the whole world of his comic.
Strengths: Brute force. Prepared for all battle especially slower opponents. If you piss him off to the point where he snaps rage takes over. Rage is his greatest skill and uses it to destroy anything in his sight without mean or reason.
Weaknesses: Not very good against speedy opponents. Due to the fragile state of his mind if a life altering question is brought into play he may just break. Although putting his loved ones into play may be a bad idea.
Short Bio: When Kyle was at a young age he knew one day he would be a hero for the people of earth or some earthly realm. Sometime during 5th grade Kyle's thoughts began to change. He seemed to start creating a split personality. One that was very angry and consumed by hate. For years the two personalities argued inside Kyle's brain. Each side would take control of the body at different times. It all festered until Kyle's senior year in high school. The two sides began a full out war in Kyle's brain. Now Kyle is in complete confusion on to what he should do next because both sides say different things. Unfortunately for Kyle the Civil war has also just started. This gives him no time to choose sides. He joins the neutrals to try and hide so he won't have to choose. Now either one side has to win the war or Kyle will be destroyed. If one side wins he loses half of his personality. Only God knows what will happen now.
Quote: I will never look back. I have no regrets, cause time doesn't wait for me. I choose to go my own way.

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DRose at 12:01AM, April 29, 2007
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This is so much fun.

Name: D. Rose

Age: 23

Allegiance: Riot

Powers: A pair of gauntlets (the only surviving pieces of his armor) able to generate large energy burst, shields, and enchance his physical strength.

Strengths: Kind, Set in his ideals, Creative, Techinically Savy, and Dedicated

Weaknessess: Tends to either be too passive or too agressive, easily distracted by girls (particularly girls with attitudes), lets his mind wander from time to time

Short Bio: A shy and somewhat anti-social artist, D.Rose found himself on the run when the Civil War began. After Riot succeded in bringing various members to his side the P-Police were more agreessive in their registrations. D.Rose set out in search of Riot to join in the fight. He would not fight against the registration normally, but the name D.Rose holds special meaning for him and he absolutely refuses to give it up without a fight. Sadly most of his battle armor was destroyed in his escape from the P-Police but his gauntlets still work perfectly.
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Revenant at 7:48PM, May 6, 2007
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I made one in the new DD profile thing.

I can't put the backstory yet because it's part of another project.
Currently looking for an artist!
Eyes glow by candlelight
a face divided in the mirror
my psyche ripped by daggers of my alchemy
-Symphony X->The Turning
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magnus911 at 9:28PM, May 17, 2007
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I have a new profile since I'm replacing Magnus911 with a new character, Terror, who is basically the same guy but with an alien symbiote bonded with him from the Marvel Universe.

Name: Terror(Magnus911)

Age: Unknown(Healing Factor)

Allegiance: Zac FTW

Powers: Basic Symbiote powers(wall-crawling, unlimited webbing, camoflauge, disguises, enhanced physical prowess), limited Telekinesis(Telekinesis modules), Healing Factor(born with it)

Strengths: Fights what he believes in, moderately smart and has a good sense of humor.

Weaknesses: Symbiote weaknesses(intense heat & sound), the Symbiote's ravenous hunger.

Short Bio: Magnus911, using his artist powers to create a portal into the Marvel Universe, ventured in to play and goof around with the Marvel Super Heroes. Unbeknownst to him, an alien symbiote not unlike the one bonded to Venom or Carnage hitched a ride with him as he ventured back into the DD universe. When he went to sleep, the Symbiote tried to consume and devour him(as it was evil), but Magnus911's healing factor prevented it from devouring him. Throughout the night, the Symbiote enjoyed eating Magnus911, but soon became bored of his taste. When Magnus911 awoke, the Symboite demanded that he bring him tastier people to eat, and in return, the Symbiote would allow him to use his abilites for whatever he wanted to. Magnus911 decided that this was the perfect opportunity to stop slacking off and get involved in the Civil War and fight for Zac, and so Magnus911, who is now Terror, begins his journey to Platinum Headquarters, to let Zac know that Terror is behind him. His right arm, which used to be a cybernetically enhanced weapon-arm, is now where the Symbiote emerges with its giant mouth, to devour anything that it chooses.

Quote: Symbiote: Feed… FEED… Magnus911: I love chicken.

This is actually somewhat based on true events. Recently, I saw Spidey 3, and became obsessed with Marvel(I was buying Marvel comics like CRAZY), and coincidentally, Marvel's Civil War. So, I'm actually going to participate now! Yay!
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Ultimate_Chaos at 1:27PM, May 24, 2007
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I guess I'll post too.

Name: Kaine (or Ultimate Chaos)

Age: Unkown (looks like 17-18)

Allegiance: Mr. Riot

Weapon: Baseball bat. Hands and feet.

Powers: Can change into demon form but refuses to unless it's absolutley nesecesary, when he's not in demon form he can take a lot of damage.

Strengths: Skilled fighter. Can use many weapons fore example a sword or a baseball bat. Is very patient.

Weaknesses: Have difficulties with fighting in a group because he might damage a friend. Technological stuff. Disregards his own safety and can get hit a few times wich could leave him quite bruised after fights.

Short bio: A dark past burdens him, he used to be a demon who did terrible things. The Username Ultimate_Chaos acually refers to this dark past. Now he's a cheerful, easy going half demon who's just trying to forget. A while ago he found where he could make stories and start over. But now as the registration act has been put in motion he needs to take up the fight to help the rioteers maintain their freedom.
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DruidJP585 at 5:25PM, June 2, 2007
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Gah. I cannot draw with paint.
I am going to make two characters. one for each side, each formed from the same body. Each with Three companions.

This is going to take some drawing…and I won't have a scanner until the 12th.
My motto for my character.
Sometimes being torn between two desires can literally tear you into two and set you against yourself.

More info on my characters here.
I'll post my profiles once I am ready.

…i am ready. Below are General Profiles (for the hosts) and mini stories.

Name: Druid J
Age: 20
Mental Age: Varies
Allegiance: Torn Between two sides.
Weapon: Staff with concealed diamond blade.
Race: Hueman. An odd combination of human physiology and Living Paint (not Pure Paint, those are slightly different). J's body is so saturated with Magic and Living Paint that his body has gone lax in some points. His blood has become very acidic, he doesn't need to breath as much, heck even his heart barely beats. All because the living paint picks up all of the slack.
Powers: Illusion Magic. Portal Magic. Pure Paint Companions
Strengths: Large knowledge base. Petty good pain tolerance. Knows how to manipulate people into making stupid mistakes.
Weaknesses: Wants to please everyone and displease none. Eventually gets caught between two sides which results in the fission.
Appearance: A man hidden amongst voluminous blue robes woven out of spider silk. Needless to say that is strong material for robes, yet reasonably light. Underneath those robes he wears some civilian clothes. Brown hair, blue-green eyes, height of about 5'6''.
Short Bio: J is a world traveler under orders from some very high powers. They are higher than yours. He is used to being forced into strange forms and losing memories. Eventually he found his way to Civil War earth.
Finding it nice, he set up shop as a musician/ painter/ programmer/ consultant/ lawyer/ sanitation engineer/ mercenary/ entertainer/ fire fighter/ collector / etc. J dug out a apartment right under the landfill and right between the sewers and the subway. In a finely furnished home to boot, complete with security measures, modest library, kitchen, electric, jacuzzi, big screen.
He got customers mainly by using subliminal messages to riders of passing subway trains. {pics of subliminal messages as viewed by walking down subway. Need legal advice CALL… Need mystic advice?… got pest infestations?… need land surveyed?… need marriage advice?… in an emergency?… need weapons repaired?…; the signs changed from time to time, so no one suspected anything.}
He used some of the money he got to feed underground dwellers. {picture of J feeding subway bums. another picture of J dealing with a bum bent on murder. Another pic of J feeding sewer crocs . Another pic of croc trying to kill J. Another pic of J eating croc gumbo.}
That was until the registration act came into effect. J managed to stay off the radar for a some time.
But eventually both parties managed to track him down.
They each sent their calls. Each trying to push their side. J told both that he would think about it.
This made J feel very conflicted. They both seemed like such nice people. He wanted to help both, but he also wanted to remain neutral.

A few days later…
Both callers came to collect at the same time. Zac's team came from the subway entrance, Riot's team came from the sewer entrance.
There was a skirmish. Each shouting out their propaganda.
J was getting a headache. A splitting headache. So were the Pure Paint for that matter. The Pure Paint got so much of a headache that they rushed to J's side for mutual comfort.

It wasn't until someone spouted off a certain phrase that triggered the event.
Zak's got coookies.
That did it. That consolidated of the Pure Paint and half of J.

J began to jerk spasmodically, gibbering his internal conflicts out loud.
J's body began to crack, light and blood began to seep through those cracks. The Pure Paint Rushed into his body to stabilize him.
As the pulses of light got brighter, the fighting stopped. Everyone to look a J.

“Go.” six voices said in unison.
They looked at K in confusion.

They ran. Zak's team into the subway tunnels. Riot's into the sewers.
The metal shutters slammed down after them.

A high pitched whining fills the air. J's skin fell off his body revealing pure energy.
The whining got Higher and higher and higher.
J grabbed his staff in one hand and head in the other, and, still gibbering and jerking, made his way into the center of the room. By the time he reached the center, all the skin flaked off his body.
Waves of energy exploding forth from his body.
Each wave showed J altering in form. Wave, Extra leg. Wave, Extra arm.
His vision seemed to double, triple, quadruple. He turned his head, and saw a glowing female version of his own staring right at him.
“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” they both screamed.
An explosion shot straight upwards disintegrating dirt easily. Eventually taking out the entire landfill. The walls and floor of the apartment held steady, though everything within was terribly destroyed.
At the same time J split into two beings. The female one slammed into the shutters of the subway side smoldering as she took the brunt of the explosion. The male one into the shutters of the sewer side, along with the staff. Both Knocked unconscious. Even though the shutters were padded in the inside, both beings left clear impressions on them. The Robes were incinerated, all but for a small strip on the female and the cowl on the male.
The shutters fell down into the causeways of both sides.
Zak's team gathered up the groaning female body in confusion and escaped off with it.
Riot's team came back a short while after to see what happened.
Name: Druid
Age: 20? Not sure after the explosion.
Mental Age: Varies
Allegiance: Riot.
Weapon: Staff with concealed diamond blade.
Race: Same as J.
Powers: Master of Illusion Magic. Male Pure Paint Companions. Enchanter.
Strengths: Strategist. Manipulator. Knowledge Gatherer. Honorable almost to a fault. He got the knowledge gathering skills, and the willingness to use them. He also better with making stuff than his counterpart. Infomaniac
Weaknesses: Lost a good deal of information during the fission. Still doesn't like to kill. A little impulsive. Gets lost in books. Finds it hard to get own initiative to go out and socialize (likes to do it, but can find motivation).
Appearance: Since the spider silk robes were mostly destroyed in the explosion, all he has left is the cowl and cape. He hides his face under that. Medium Build. Brown hair, blue eyes, height of about 5'6''. He tends to never show his true face around strangers.
Short Bio: *jostle*
Someone (not sure who yet, probably Riot) awoke the male J and asked “I won't ask your name. But are you OK.”
Male J leaped up in alarm and ran into room. He took a look around and broke down crying. Inside J, Logic was crying too. Blaze was admiring the aftermath. Locke was, as usual, being ever alert. Someone walked up to him.
“Are you OK?” the person repeated.
Male J sobbed. “My books, my books, all gone, all gone.” (that can tell you about his priorities.)
The person thought for a second. “If you join us, we can get you all the books you could ever want.”
J looked up in sincere gratitude. “Really?”
“Deal accepted, I will follow you guys anywhere.”
The Male J rustled beneath a floorboard for a little bit and produced a heft bag of gems and pocketed it.
“What do I call you?”
J thought for a moment. “Call me Druid.”
Name: (Jamie) J Me Smith
Age: 20? Not sure after the explosion.
Mental Age: Varies
Allegiance: Zak.
Weapon: Fists and Feet.
Race: Same as J.
Powers: Illusion Magic. Female Pure Paint Companions
Strengths: Manipulator. Friendly almost to a fault. She got the social skills out of the fission, as well as alchemical skills. Imaginative (what Druid infers from data she tends to guess.) Mostly controlled Kleptomania (I view this as an asset. Never know when some items would be useful)
Weaknesses: Lost a good deal of information during the fission. Still doesn't like to kill. Got the social part of J, so she is very hyper. Talkative (but not to the point of spilling secrets). Hyper.
Appearance: Since the spider silk robes were mostly destroyed in the explosion, all she has left is a band of the cloth encircling her waist, she uses it to hold potions. Medium Build. Brown hair extending to shoulders, green eyes, height of about 5'6''.
Short Bio: A female J lay in the medic tent, wearing nothing but a gown.
She awoke to smell of the most glorious kind. Cookies. Fresh cookies.
The were consumed in mere seconds. Subconsciously, she, her magic, Ell, Kite, and Faith all sang out a heavenly choir.
“Like them that much do you?” a person (not sure who..probably Zak)
“Yush.” Responded the female J.
“If you sign this paper, you can have cookies of that quality whenever you want.
J grabbed up the paper, being still of the cautious nature, and read every word if it. All the way through to the end. The last line, right above the signature line read: ‘Unlimited Cookies.’.
”I would love to sign but there is a slight problem with the real name disclosure.“
”What? You don't want to reveal it?“
J smiled innocently . ”Nope. Don't have one.“
”Lost it ages ago in my home dimension due to a blow to the noggin. Only can remember one letter of it ‘J’. If you want, I can apply (or hack) legal name for myself.“
”You are an illegal alien?“
”In almost every sense of the word, being from this country, but not from this reality. But don't worry I already got a name picked out. J Me Smith.“ She signed it with a flourish at the bottom of the paper and handed it to the person.
”So Jamie.“
”Yes Me.“ The person did a double take and saw Jamie dressed in a full black suit complete with dark sunglasses.
”I get it. Ms. Smith, Agent Smith.“
Jamie started laughing. ”So there is Matrix in this world. There is hope.“ She got out of the bed and light heartedly commanded: ”Take me to your baker."
"If I was given four words to describe myself, Animus cum multiplex animus" - J.
“There are people changing forms. There are people changing sides.
Who is friend now, and who is foe though.”
“This is what its like when worlds collide.”-Powerman
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sominous at 11:08PM, June 4, 2007
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Name: Sominous
Age: 29
Allegiance: Riot
Powers: Warlock type magical abilities, good with bladed weapons, Enhanced strength
Strengths: Strong willed, Intelligent, Mysterious.
Weaknesses: Easily distracted, short tempered, reckless
Short Bio: Not much to say about Sominous, he's a mysterious figure that likes to appear where he thinks he's needed.

EDIT: Sorry, got to thinking about it and decided those powers worked better for him.
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Sea_Cow at 10:12PM, June 29, 2007
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Name: Helmut.
Age: 26
Allegiance: Zac
Powers: Demon transformations, Lightning manipulation.
Strengths: Strategic, intelligent, sociable, charismatic.
Weaknesses: Arrogant, cynical, harsh, Relies too much on Demon transformations.
Short Bio: Helmut has a mysterious past, but is currently one of the most powerful and strategic P Police in the force. His constant cynical wisecracks annoy people sometimes, but he is a social creature nonetheless. He has a second personality, Lobo, a demon with none of Helmut's better traits, but is extremely powerful. Why Helmut has this demon in him is unknown, but it can't be natural. Random Fact: Helmut has a thing for Italian food and heavy metal music.
I am so happy to finally be back home
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Eagle0600 at 3:27AM, July 12, 2007
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Name: Ferracio Merrick

Age: 21

Allegiance: Mr. Riot

Powers: Sword-Fighting (finesse, not brute); Wind-Power; Using said wind-power for flight; Powering up, using energy faster but stronger and faster.

Strengths: Can get into a rage when others(or himself) are threatened. Able to lock up all other emotions and not panic in a bad situation,

Weaknesses: Cold and not very in-touch with emotions. Runs out of energy eventually, and becomes very weak.

Short Bio: Ferracio Merrick was born in Queensland, Australia, sometime in the twentieth century. When he was 21, he found an inter-dimensional spaceship. He used it to traverse the multi-verse and time has not seemed to run normally for him since. Earth is his favorite planet, and so when he heard about the registration act, he decided to fight for Riot's cause.

The Spaceship: Called the ‘Darter’, this ship does not run remotely and the only form of auto-pilot is an artificial intelligence which stops him from materializing in solid objects, or anywhere he cannot take-off again(it must be traveling at a certain speed to warp). The Darter also comes with basic LASER(Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) guns, and may also ‘warp’ others around it at close distance. Warping between dimensions drains the Darter and it must recharge for at least a day.
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Dark Clown at 9:23PM, Aug. 19, 2007
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Name: Dark Clown
Age: Unknown (if asked will say he is 21)
Allegiance: Riot

Powers: Physical Transformation (can shift between Human and True Forms) Human Form: hight 5'-2" 125 pounds. True Form: 7'-9“ 340 Pounds (including tail 12'-4” )
(Human form) ability travel through shadows. Limited to 100 meters in any direction (provided there is a shadow) Making Jokes about anything.
(True Form) Flight (because of the Wings) Super Strength, Black fire breath. (Short range) turning any word into sex jokes. And the super power to be annoying.

Weapon: (human form) Head buts and shoulder rams and his fists. (Is a physical fighter)
(True form) Fists, Tail, Claws, Fangs and Crown of Horns and wings (is even more physical in True form)

Strengths: quick to make jokes, cold temperatures, heavy metal music. Knows how to cook food. Refers to himself in third person
Weaknesses: All things Emo, humorless people and things, floral patterns, warm weather. Hard boiled eggs. Is naked in his true form.

Short Bio: The Dark Clown was a Demon banished from his home realm for making bad jokes, and never stopping. And being annoying. He crashed through to this realm long ago and was thought to be dead. How ever he was far from dead, he was just taking a power nap for a long time. When the events of the Registration act began to unfold Clown still napped. When he awoke he found that he would have to pick sides in a war that determined the fate of his true identity. But first he would need to take on the look of the creatures around him. He didn't even know the hell that he was about to be thrown into. He hoped it, but he didn't actually know it.

This Fluid feels like Pain, This stoic mood is all in vain.
I reach into the dark, I tear this other me apart.
How many years ago, How many deaths I can't let go.
My Flesh Is Temporary, My God Extraordinary.
You… can''t… Kill… My… MIND!!!!!

The War Will continue, Just on a different battle field
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Nikai Nockturne at 11:26AM, Aug. 20, 2007
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Name: Nikai Nockturne/ Lolli-Girl (seperate consciecenesses)
Age: 16/23
Allegiance: Riot and Zac (medic)
Powers: Bend reality lines/Same along with enhanced Strength, agility, aim, balance, hand eye coordination, reaction time, speed etc.
Strengths: Strong willed, compassionate, practically no ego, friendly, High tollerance for people.
Weaknesses: Sometimes can get over comfident, crumbles around new people, can't talk to guys with out it being really awkward/ really quiet, doesn't seem sincere most of the time when she is, won't except some things.
Short Bio: Nikai Nockturne moved out of her parents house due to the fighting between her sister and them. She lived in a small apartment an graduated early…very early and went and worked at a hospital quickly making her way up the ranks to a nurse. One day she got into a horrific car accident. She started feeling strange and eventually was paid a visit by Riot and Zac. Riot was a pervert unleashed her new found powers bending reality lines around Riot enough to send him through a wall. She began working with her powers and shaping them eventually making a alter ego which became a seperate personality(though they can speak to eachother). Something horrible happend and Nikai wouldn't let Lolli-Girl out again. She to this day is a medic in the Civil War refusing to pick a side.
Quote: “I don't want to hurt anymore..just heal…”-Nikai
“I refuse to taunt you, villan…there is no point…you are already defeated and need no more humilation.”-Lolli-Girl
<—Click it…or be toaster pwned.
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xanos at 4:25PM, Sept. 19, 2007
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Name: “xanos”
Age: 19
Allegiance: Riot
Powers: is able to grow wings and a tail, also has a pyro ability
Strengths: his agility and quick wit
Weaknesses: is a bit over reactive about things, also has a bad temper that almost makes it seem as if he has a split personality
Short Bio: xanos has been with drunk duck for a year but has not exactly made a comic that has lasted until recently. now that he actually has a good comic suddenly he was asked his REAL NAME!!!! NEVER!!!! his identity will be concealed until his book comes out. and even then he might sign the author position as “cali”
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Carbajal3000 at 1:55PM, Nov. 30, 2007
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This is great I just joined Civil War



Allegiance: Riot

Powers: The ability to fly, fire green lazers of energy from hands, and levitate non-living objects(that means not living creatures)

Strengths: Loves to make jokes (that could be a weakness), has a good heart, loves to help others, and great with leadership skills.

Weaknessess: Can be made VERY angry VERY easily, is also esily distracted by beautiful women, doesn't like being bossed around, and can hardly ever be serious even in important situations.

Short Bio: Randall a.k.a Psycho living a boring lifestlye with tremendous power is asked by MrRiot himself to help fight against the Regisration Act, glady accepting his request Psycho finally prepares for some action in his life!
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Mr_M7 at 2:37PM, Jan. 20, 2008
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Alias: MrM7
Real Name: Heck if I'm tellin' you!
Age: 18
Allegiance: Nutral
Powers: MrM7 can strech out his limbs to any length (no limit has been seen yet) and can open portals whenever he pleases.
Strengths: determined in a fight, not likely to surrender
Weaknesses: lacks abilty to make speed desisons
Weapons: His metal fists are all the weapons he needs.
Quote: “It's Hiney-Kickin' time!” “VENDETTA!”
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Scardy at 8:45PM, March 13, 2008
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Name: Scardy G. “The Wercartoonist”

Age: 21

Allegiance: Pizza, or whoever doesn't require filling out forms

Powers: augmented strength, speed, stamina and senses (except eyesight, which stinks)

Strengths: gains augmented abilities through her werecartoonist curse. Gains incredible strength when angered. Is naturally very flexible.

Weaknesses: pizza, poprocks and soda. ADD. Mood swings

Short Bio: Not too long ago, but not exactly recent either, Scardy was bitten by the art bug. She grew a tail, a pair of large, wolf-like ears, and gained amazing drawing and fighting skills. She's always been a smart mouth.

She eventually joined Drunk Duck as a way to practice her cartooning skills and so she could have an outlet for her sarcasm. She is usually the quiet sort except for when her sarcasm flares up. She's moody and unpredictable, but usually prefers not to create waves.

Scardy is a family girl. She is always very concerned about her place in the family and shoulders the responsibility of being “the good sister”

She has recently been job hunting and filling out piles of forms. In fact, if she has to fill out her name age, and social security number one more time, she may very likely lose it.


“We've dug ourselves in pretty deep this time.”
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teddibaer at 11:17AM, June 3, 2008
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Druid JP585, your “short” bio hurt my eyes. Please fix it and make a webcomic out of textboxes or something.
Have you noticed that I'm taking over this forum?
Nobody gets lonely like a teddy bear.
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teddibaer at 11:32AM, June 3, 2008
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Name: Evil Teddy
Age: N/A
Alliance: Mr. Beardy-Face (Riot)
Motivation: Those jerk clones blew up my house!
Powers: Weird stuff happens around him. No established superpowers.
“Yes I do. I have the power to kick your–” -Night Thrasher, New Warriors
Strengths: Underestimated, short temper, is a stuffed animal
Weaknesses: Self-centered, short temper, is a stuffed animal
Short Bio: Unclear origin. Used to be a vigilante superhero. Now he's just cynical. When the Rosencronies showed up at his house, he ignored them. When they blew up his house, he snapped. After a chain of vicious lessons in “self-defense,” his taking the war back to the battlefield. With a dinosaur.
Have you noticed that I'm taking over this forum?
Nobody gets lonely like a teddy bear.
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